Surfshark VPN Download – The Best Value!

Your Surfshark VPN download is available here. The download is free, and the service is top quality. If you’ve decided to try Surfshark, you’ve definitely made a great decision! There are several VPN services available that pass our tests of reliability, functionality, affordability, and overall value, but Surfshark stands out at the moment due to their top-level technology, highly rated customer service, ease-of-use, and a 24-month plan with which none of the others can compete.

Get the Best Pricing While It Lasts!!

To my knowledge, Surfshark currently has the best pricing. If there are any VPN providers that have a better price at the moment, I’m not aware of them, and that’s probably because they have an inferior product to the mainstream VPN products and aren’t a real contender within the market. Now, when I say the best pricing, I’m certainly not referring to any of the free VPN services. In those cases, you definitely get what you pay for. The free ones are not worth the money you DON’T pay for them except for maybe ProtonVPN,

but with Surfshark, it’s a different story!

You get more than you pay for! Well, that’s definitely the case with the 24-month plan. Both their monthly plan and 12-month plan are competitive and slightly below the average cost for top VPN services, while their 24-month deal is currently unbeatable. This special pricing will not be around for long, in my opinion. So, if you want to get the Surfshark VPN download now while this great deal is still available, you can click on the Surfshark logo below to go download it.

Surfshark VPN

What Makes Surfshark So Great!?

Let’s take a quick look at the highlights and features that make Surfshark a winner among VPN services and one that’s growing at a startling rate:

  • Strict no-logs policy (they are based in the British Virgin Islands where there are no laws mandating the retention of logs regarding your surfing activity, the websites you visit, or the searches you perform. None of your online activity is logged!)
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections (The only top contender that offers this feature)
  • Unlocks Netflix (Some territories block Netflix, but you can get around this if you have Surfshark)
  • A website-unblocking Smart DNS system in working with games consoles, TVs and other gear
  • Supports P2P and torrentingSurfshark Mobile App
  • More than 1000 servers/160 locations/60+ countries
  • CleanWeb Tool for URL and ad blocking
  • Allows 2 servers for one hop for added security
  • Zero-knowledge DNS servers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Split Tunneling using their Whitelister tool (Allows you to access specific websites- such as your bank, or a network at your employer- outside your VPN connection while leaving all of your other traffic protected)
  • AES 256-bit network traffic encryption
  • OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols are in place to ensure their service runs efficiently
  • Kill Switch (The option to automatically cease your internet connection if the VPN drops out- this is to keep you safe when your VPN loses connection, which isn’t often, but does happen with all Internet connections and it’s an added security feature to keep you offline until the security is back in place)
  • Extremely fast (users who have used different VPNs say that Surfshark is amazingly fast)
  • Optimized for video streaming
  • Unbeatable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/ support and live chat

What Is a VPN Supposed to Do For Me?

The purpose of a VPN is to protect your privacy online. A VPN should provide subscribers with anonymity and security from cyber attacks and hackers attempting to steal personal information. A VPNCyber Attacks should hide your IP address while masking it with one of the many IP addresses on one of their servers so that those prying eyes online won’t be able to access your computer or identify who or where you are. These are essential for a VPN to truly be a VPN. Certainly, all the services that we would rank as worthy products/services will include all of these features. However, the best services offer many other features. Each of the top VPNs offer added value services that differ from one to another, but Surfshark not only offers top of the line protection and anonymity, but they have almost all the bells and whistles from the top services combined into one product. And best of all, they offer this product and service at the lowest price for a top-level provider.

Ready to Download Surfshark or Visit Their Website?

If you are ready for the Surfshark VPN download or would like to visit the Surfshark website, click here. If you have questions about the Surfshark VPN, or if you have input or insight, or even a review of your own, please leave it below. I’d love to hear from you!

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What Is the Best VPN Software?

If you’re searching for the best VPN software and apps, you’re probably looking for a lot of things, like the ease of use, a no-logs policy, reliability, speed, the ability to access certain programming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney, and some BBC channels, and you may be looking for other functions like the ability to have control over certain features.

Without question, every VPN should offer the obvious: online security and anonymity!

But as the VPN industry has grown in size, knowledge, and technology, other features have been requested or developed to make your online experience safer and easier and now to help you access websites and programming that may have been blocked due to your geographic location. Manually changing where your IP address is shown to be originating, that access is opened up to basically anywhere with the touch of a button through a VPN.

After trying several top VPNs, researching those that consistently rank highest, and speaking directly to users of those VPNs, one product keeps rising to the surface as an overall winner to answer the question, What is the best VPN software? PureVPN is according to them, and maybe they are right…..? But if you want to check out other highly rated VPNs, go to this review we have of the top VPNs in existence. 

Best VPN

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m alluding to here, the company that has the best service and most options to offer changes on a regular basis as competition is hard at work in this growing industry. This is a competitive field and it becomes more so as time goes on and as the demand for such services increases

===> You can check out this other post we have to see thorough reviews on other VPN services <===

…..and I wouldn’t wait to get myself secure with my personal and/or family’s online activities!

But what we are looking at here is the current rating of the overall functionality of the software and apps with PureVPN. How reliable is their service known to be? You would unlikely be disappointed with this product as it will most likely cover all the bases of what you’re looking to do with a VPN, and with one of the most reliable VPN services that exist. In fact,


PureVPN was one of the first to exist and they have stood the test of time. Meanwhile, keep in mind that any product that gets reviewed online (which they basically all do now) is going to have positive and negative aspects referenced with different reviewers. The few products that keep bouncing around on the top 5 lists of various reviewers are typically the reliable ones written by honest people and organizations.

After poring through countless reviews and reports, trying different products personally, speaking to as many end-users as possible, and compiling the data, the following overall summary will hopefully help you to be confident as you purchase PureVPN if you should choose to do so.


The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy!

Sometimes a single review can have more info than most of us are willing to read. Since I’m sure you aren’t here to read through the lengthy details of twenty different reviews and you just want the bottom line, this report will be simple and to the point so as to give you an end result of what is the best VPN software.

The Good


  • Great Price!!
  • No-logs policy
  • One of the first in the VPN industry (they’ve been around a while)
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • A great choice for those in China (it bypasses the China Firewall)
  • 31-day refund policy
  • Accepts Bitcoin which can add another layer of anonymity
  • Apps available for all devices (including smart TVs and gaming consoles)
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous devices
  • 256-bit encryption and Leak Protection
  • Kill switch (and why don’t they all have this….? hmmm)
  • Split tunneling
  • Great customer service (with a few exceptions)
  • Very easy to use app
  • Great for streaming and unblocking geo-restricted content
  • 300,000 IPs and 200n servers in over 140 countries
  • Based in Hong Kong which makes it a great choice for China
  • P2P enabled for torrents and files
  • 24-hour live chat support
  • 70% off with the 2-year plan
  • The first to implement GDPR

The Bad

  • One reviewer said the app has been known to cause some devices to be sluggish
  • No free trial, although there is an almost free 3-day trial
  • Had kept logs at one time which bothers some people
  • Some have reported slower speeds; although those issues may be resolved, it’s something to keep in mind

The Crazy

Here is the “crazy”! PureVPN has been accused of willingly giving up info to authorities after claiming to not keep online records. But here are a few things to keep in mind; Although I understand PureVPN has always claimed to be a no-logs service, meaning they keep no record of your online activity at all, there are stories of a criminal investigation regarding a cyberstalker in 2016 where they turned over some records to authorities.

First, it is one thing to not “keep” or “register” logs….

…..and quite another to take the safeguards that assure no tracks exist anywhere within their complex system!

I don’t know if that’s the case, but I do know that they aggressively pursued an arrangement with an industry-leading Independent Auditor that now reviews PureVPNs servers to be certain there are no tracks left behind. Hong Kong, where PureVPN is based, is not part of the 5/9/14 jurisdiction, which is a coalition of countries that have made it illegal for a VPN to not keep online activity records. So, if they weren’t deliberately keeping records but a warrant was issued to search their equipment, they would still have to allow the authorities to conduct the search as laid out in the warrant

…..even though there was no requirement for them to keep records of users’ online activity….

If nothing was there, cool, but if the authorities found some tracks/evidence that would help their prosecution of a defendant, they could use that info. Seems like that is what happened. But it appears that PureVPN took the determined and definitive steps to make sure nothing like that could ever happen again.

Truth is, unless we learn of authorities seizing info from other VPNs, we really don’t know which ones really keep no logs at all and which ones just have a “no logs” policy but don’t go the extra mile to ensure the info isn’t hidden, lurking somewhere on their servers. PureVPN has taken that step by hiring an Independent Auditor to ensure they remain a trusted leader in the VPN market.

The “no free trial” thing doesn’t bother me so much as I realize with a company that’s been around this long without any refund policy issues, if I don’t like it, I can get a refund within 31 days and it would’ve still been a free trial, right?

The Conclusion (The second conclusion like a preacher I guess, because my first one was “The Crazy” above)

In supplying the good and the bad above, there was much more I could have added to the good list. The bad list could’ve realistically been smaller, but I am striving to pore through any negatives I see and be as honest about products and services as is possible. Therefore, even if only one out of 30 reviews mentioned a particular negative aspect, I wanted to give it to you. Such as the app is sluggish.

Well, this entire article is written based on the question of “What is the best VPN software?” The reliability of the software, app, and service are the elements I was mostly looking for in order to provide you with as accurate info as I could find. I didn’t see repeated accounts from clients, reviewing agencies, or from my own experience of slower download speeds or their app being sluggish. Perhaps this was with older devices. All things considered, you won’t be disappointed with the reliability and functionality of PureVPN. Click on one of the links or banners to take a closer look at PureVPN’s low-cost offers.

Best VPN

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The Best Driveway Alarm – Guardline!

The Guardline Security Driveway Alarm is probably the best driveway alarm available. You may be wondering what exactly is a driveway alarm. It’s actually a sensor that detects motion and heat with the use of Passive Infrared Technology which ensures there will not be false readings from dead leaves or other organic materials. Their sensors have a reach of up to 1/4 mile! Of course, driveway alarms are somewhat notorious for occasional false alerts, but Guardline has honed in on features and designs that have all but eradicated this problem. Guardline has engineered their product(s) with adjustable settings that provide a homeowner or landowner with the ability to adjust the sensors to their particular situation and location. Their sensors are top-of-the-line products that have been designed and perfected for almost 20 years.

Guardline is an American company that has been dedicated to testing and refining property line sensors (and they are not just for property lines btw; we’ll get to that in a bit), and the constant rave reviews by customers should set a homeowner at ease.  Because of this focus for nearly two decades, they have developed a product to detect motion anywhere on your property with accuracy and dependability, exceeding the performance of their competition. And their industry-leading 2-year warranty points to their confidence in their product and in that fact that you’ll be completely satisfied. This is why Guardline is considered the best driveway alarm.

Easy Installation and World-Class Customer Service

Guardline’s systems are completely DIY because they are extremely simple to install. However, that doesn’t mean they leave you after the sale to figure it all out on your own. Their customer support has a wonderful reputation within the security industry for helping customers all along the way, before AND after the sale. So, you aren’t left alone to figure everything out on your own after the sale. With a commitment to stand with you every step of the way, you won’t have to talk to a bunch of recorders and go through 40 menus to get a real person. In addition to this phone-based support, they also offer live chat support and video tutorials that are easy to follow.

The Best Driveway AlarmAlthough the original intent of their products was to secure the perimeter of a property line or the entrance to a driveway, the affordability and functionality of their sensors has led to their use in patios, garages, porches, and just about anywhere on your property where you’d want to be alerted when someone crossed the invisible line.

A Little Bit About Their Products

Here’s where it starts getting even better. There is no need for WiFi, no contracts to worry about, no monthly fees, no concerns about anyone hacking into these products, and the motion detector/alarm is completely wireless. The sensors come with a receiver that will accommodate up to 16 sensors each. When an automobile, a person, or even a large animal crosses within 40 feet of where you have positioned a sensor, a signal is sent to the receiver that can be placed wherever is convenient for you. There are over 30 notification sounds that you can choose from, and if you have multiple motion detectors, you can apply a different notification sound to each sensor. These receivers are very compact and can be carried around with you if you’d like, or you can purchase extra receivers to place in convenient places around your home, garage, barn, etc… But most people seem to be content with one.

There are only two different systems from Guardline, which is all that’s needed. One product will transmit up to 500 feet from the sensor to the receiver, and the other, up to a quarter of a mile. That’s pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Those with smaller yards or who use the sensors on a porch or somewhere closer to the house, typically purchase the one with a 500-foot transmission to the receiver. So, here are the two products:

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Best Driveway Alarm

The original Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm with the transmitter sells for around $100.00, and it transmits up to 500 feet from the sensor/motion detector to the receiver(s). All of these sensors have been tested and proven in real-world situations to make sure they work as stated in the advertisements. And all things being honest and fair, the wireless range could be diminished by thick walls, metal siding, extra tall hills, and thick tree growth. However, this isn’t common. These products are, obviously, weather-resistant since they are primarily for outdoors. However, more and more people are purchasing these units for garages, inside barns, and even for the inside of their homes. And remember, additional sensors can be purchased for around $60.00, and the receiver can handle up to 16 detectors.

Guardline 1/4 Mile Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Best Driveway AlarmThis product is primarily for those homeowners who have a larger yard or perhaps lots of acreage. Say for instance you have a long driveway, and you can’t see the entryway from the highway because of other buildings, or trees, or if the driveway curves, or any other number of reasons. If you want to know long before someone comes near your home or barn, such as a visitor or delivery person, or in rare instances, someone with nefarious intentions, consider this product. This package which includes the quarter-mile sensor and receiver is durable and weatherproof, just like the 500-foot range original model above. In fact, other than the range each will transmit and the color difference which distinguishes them from each other, they are virtually the same.

All things considered

The Guardline Security Driveway Alarm is the best driveway alarm all things considered, in my opinion. There are other products out there that are good, some with nice features, and there are others that sound good at first or that boast features that seem impressive, but customer reviews say it all. Guardline’s reputation with its client base is impeccable. In fact, a customer is considered a client, not just a customer. A client is someone with whom a business entity has established or hopes to establish a long-term relationship. Guardline is in this for the long haul and desires to build trust with all clients. That’s why they deliver what they promise and are available long after the sale to help you with installation or any other issues you may have. If you are in the market for this kind of product, or if you were not but are now interested, Guardline’s Driveway alarm systems are hard to beat and their warranties and excellent customer service definitely set them apart!

Click here to check out Guardline’s website


Surfshark 2-Year Plan

What is the Best Doorbell Security Camera?


AUNEX Video Doorbell WiFi Doorbell Camera PIR Motion Detection Cloud Storage 720P HD Wireless Doorbell Home Security with Two-Way Talk & Video Night Vision Support Android and iOS(Silver)

Probably more than any other question, people ask me about the doorbell cameras that are currently on the market. What’s the best camera? Which one has the best video resolution? Do they all have two-way audio? Although the toilet paper craze has exceeded any other modern, illogical public insanity I can remember, doorbell cameras have been the craze since the first notable doorbell camera came onto the market. However, it makes sense! People want to know their orders from Amazon, Wayfair, Target or any other suppliers, are safely resting on their porch awaiting their return home. And who doesn’t order from these suppliers these days? We all do for the most part, and we want our stuff to still be there when we get home. So, what IS the best doorbell security camera? In this article I only refer to one. There’s no need to elaborate on all of the options on the market, but I’ll focus briefly on the top ones. Other than the ones mentioned here, several other manufacturers offer doorbell cameras, but they aren’t better than these, in my opinion. You’ll also notice the price disparity with some of the doorbell cameras even when the functionality and quality are on par.

The Aunex Video Doorbell with all of its functionality, features, ease-of-use, and modern sleek design make it a formidable competitor to contend with for the other, more pricey doorbell cams. With a 166 degree field of view (which provides wider angles and less dead zones compared to most doorbell cameras), 720 HD video, and smart night vision, there is nothing to say but “where can I get this product?” No doubt the price will increase once people begin to realize the value of such a quality doorbell camera. We all know how the supply and demand thing works, and it’s logical that the prices will increase once the name recognition hits a certain level. So, now is the time to invest in this product and this company in general. Apparently, they are here for the long haul.

Surfshark 2-Year Plan

Once you use this product you’ll see how easy it is to navigate through the notifications and alerts. Installation is as simple as it gets. You can also zoom in and out while talking to anyone on your front porch (or where ever you have this camera), and they will assume you are in the house, even if you are in the Bahamas. It’s wireless and has WiFi as well as cloud storage. (This product just gets sweeter and sweeter!!)

So, in answer to the question, “what is the best doorbell security camera?”, I’ve chosen to not overload you with the multiple options you see on other sites. It seemed logical with a product that offers more than Ring or other companies, with a quality, durable product, to not waste your time on a thousand senseless comparisons. If you want more bang for your buck, this is the doorbell camera you are looking for. With motion detection, mobile phone notification, and real-time video and audio from your doorbell camera to your mobile device, and at about half the price of competitors, there isn’t much room for debate.

So, what is the best doorbell security camera? All things considered, it’s the Aunex Video Doorbell! The best price is currently on Even Amazon rates this doorbell camera at the top of their list. Order today before the secret gets out!!