The Best VPN Service for US Residents

Who should be considered the best VPN service for US residents? Out of the dozens of VPN providers out there, this can be a daunting choice to make if you’re looking for a reliable VPN that is packed full of all the goodies. 

So, what company would be considered the best VPN service for US residents out of all the options out there? The answer could very well be CyberGhost VPN. Currently, CyberGhost has 1,031 servers in operation in the US alone!

With so many servers located in the US, residents have a wide array of options pertaining to server choices. That coupled with an outstanding service and a host of features, CyberGhost VPN pulls ahead of its competition for people that live in the United States.

About CyberGhost VPN

Founded in 2011, CyberGhost is based in Bucharest, Romania, and has a base of research and development located in Germany. To date, CyberGhost VPN has over 6,200 servers in their arsenal. These servers are spread out through 90 countries in 110 different locations.

They enjoy an astounding userbase of around 36 million users worldwide and is the first to have voluntarily published transparency reports. 

Is CyberGhost VPN Safe to Use?

Is CyberGhost safe to use? Yes, it is. You’ll have a hard time finding a VPN that is safer to use. CyberGhost uses AES-256 encryption, which is so effective, militaries, and governments worldwide use it to prevent being compromised. 

VPN No-Logs Policy

With a no-logs policy securely in place, none of your browsing history, information content, search preferences, or traffic destinations are kept or saved anywhere in their system. That coupled with an integrated firewall, a built-in kill switch, and automatic Wi-Fi protection, your devices will remain safe and secure.

CyberGhost VPN Features

1 Month Price- $12.99 US

  • Over 6400 Servers in 90 Countries– CyberGhost VPN offers one of the largest selections of servers amongst all of its closest competition. Finding a fast and purpose-oriented server is not an issue with such a strong server presence.The CyberGhost website makes it perfectly clear that only the CyberGhost team has any form of interaction with their servers. There are no third parties involved in any area of server maintenance, or anything else for that matter, involving their hardware or software. Their independent operation is one plus to their integrity that other VPNs don’t have.
  • Hide your IP– You can hide your IP address with just one click if you choose to do so. Each server will provide you with a new IP address, keeping your location and identity a mystery to any prying eyes.
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection– DNS leaks have proven to be a serious threat to your online security and privacy. DNS data is easily accessible by your internet service provider or even third parties.When you use the DNS leak protection provided by CyberGhost, your system becomes forced to run using CyberGhost’s DNS instead of it reporting in with your ISP. 
  • 256-bit AES Encryption– You’ll be protected by military-grade protection at all times. As mentioned above, militaries and governments use 256-AES. Banks and other businesses that work through personal and sensitive information also use this form of encryption.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Traffic– There are some VPNs out there that have monthly limits to the amount of bandwidth you can use while utilizing their services. CyberGhost does not do this, enabling you to do whatever you like, when you like.
  • No-Logs Policy– No activity is tracked, and servers keep no records. A solid no-logs policy is a staple in a VPNs ability to ensure that your privacy is protected at all times.
  • 7 Device connectivity– You can operate up to seven devices simultaneously. To make the most out of CyberGhost’s connectivity, you can use their service on your router at home. Meaning, any device that utilizes that router will be protected under that umbrella. Instructions are provided in-depth about how to do this on their website.

  • 24/7 Customer Support– Live chat or email is available any hour of the day if you run into any problems or wind up having any questions.
  • P2P Torrenting– CyberGhost VPN has a large number of dedicated servers that have been optimized for torrent sharing.
  • Throttle Removal– The encryption tunnel removes opportunities for speed throttling by ISP’s. If you download large files often or use up a great amount of bandwidth, your ISP may be throttling you. Throttling slows your connection, and they do this to try and prevent their systems from backing up. You’ll know that your ISP has been throttling your connection if you notice that everything works much faster while using CyberGhost.
  • Access to Restricted Content– Bypass geo-restricted materials or other blocked media through CyberGhost’s anti-censorship software. Your connection will be routed through servers that have no location-based restrictions on data or media.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Protection– CyberGhost VPN has designed apps for all of the world’s most popular mobile devices. They’ve done this as an effort to make sure their customers are completely kept safe and anonymous wherever they go.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses– This is an optional addition to their regular services. Normally, with their service, any IP you wind up being assigned is shared with other users. This option helps to make sure your information is as untraceable as possible. However, for an additional fee, you can purchase your own unique IP address that is static and not being used by any other user. This choice is beneficial if you operate the VPN for a business or your own website. In circumstances like that, you’d be better off having a dedicated IP.
  • Video Game Console Apps– For some people, this is a game-changer. Not many VPN providers cater to the video game console, which is odd when you think of all the personal information that runs between the consoles and the internet.CyberGhost covers all of the popular game consoles out there and provides detailed instructions concerning setting them up to operate through the VPN.


Yes, it’s true. If you purchase CyberGhost on a month by month basis, it’s among the most expensive out there. However, you get every bit of what you’re paying for. 

Also, you get extreme price cuts if you order for a longer period. For example, if you order for 18 months, you’re only paying the equivalent of $2.75 per month. If you think of it at $2.75 per month, that’s a whole different picture considering all of the features that come with CyberGhost VPN. 

Collectively, these are all of the reasons why we’ve chosen CyberGhost VPN to be the best VPN service for US residents. It might possibly be one of the best in the world. So, go to the CyberGhost website now to check out the awesome deals they have running and to bec0me better acquainted with them.

The last thing is that we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment or question below and we will be sure to get back with you promptly. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

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What is Tunnelbear VPN?

We’ve been covering quite a few different VPNs here on the site. In this article, we’re going to answer, “What is Tunnelbear VPN, and how does it hold up to the competition?”

So, what is Tunnelbear VPN? Tunnelbear VPN is a VPN provider from Toronto, Canada, and has been around since 2011. In 2018, the company was bought out by McAfee and is still providing its services to this day. 

About Tunnelbear VPN

It doesn’t take long before you’d find out that Tunnelbear VPN does its best to make everything as simple as possible. They also appear to have as much fun with their brand and services as they possibly can. 

TunnelBear VPN

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re any better or worse for it, but is in itself, something different to observe in the world of very serious VPNs.

And why not have fun with it? Important things, such as internet security, safeguarded identity, and personal privacy doesn’t diminish due to a lightened heart. 

A business can do both- and they appear to do it well.

It’s clear that they love their job,

               …..and they enjoy keeping people safe online.


1 Month Price- $9.99 US  (Check TunnelBear’s Website for Special Pricing)

  • AES 256-bit Encryption– AES-256 encryption is the best and most difficult form of encryption that is out there today. It is often referred to as “Military Grade” encryption. That’s because this form of encryption is used by governments around the world and is responsible for safeguarding all kinds of sensitive information.
  • Always On– If you set the program to run at startup, you will run Tunnelbear VPN automatically, never having to worry about logging on every time.
  • GhostBear– Makes encrypted VPN data less detectable to governments, businesses, and ISPs. This feature isn’t necessary if your device has no problem using Tunnelbear VPN. It’s there to help if a device has a hard time operating the main program. Otherwise, it’s not needed for the regular user- but a thoughtful addition to the service.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection– Tunnelbear VPN keeps your devices safe while being connected to untrusted public Wi-Fi servers.
  • Covers Five Devices Simultaneously
  • 1,800 Servers in 23 Countries
  • Strict No-Log Policy– If there’s nothing to store, there’s nothing to find if anyone demands certain information. Tunnelbear VPN adheres to its strict No-Logs policy to do two things: First, to protect the privacy and security of their users. If a VPN can’t protect their customers, they’re ruined. Second, is to protect the company itself from harboring any information and being forced to hand it over via something like a government request. A No-Logs policy protects the integrity of the business as well as the customer’s data.
  • Vigilant Mode– TunnelBear will block all unsafe traffic if your connection gets interrupted. The purpose behind this feature is to make sure that your system is not compromised by maliciously intended people, programs, or code if you lose your Tunnelbear VPN connection.
  • Closest Tunnel– This feature is for speed purposes, and selects the server closest to your location if you prefer. By choosing a server closest to your location, your data has less distance to travel, thus making it respond faster. This feature is automated if you select the ‘Fastest” option in the dropdown menu.
  • App Operated System– With the ease of use being a goal of this company, they have made their apps as user-friendly as they possibly can. Their website claims that Tunnelbear is the easiest to use VPN out there.
  • Customer Support– Tunnelbear has a knowledgebase featuring the most commonly asked questions for you to browse through. If all else fails, you can send them a message for further assistance.

VPNs Keep Your Identity Unknown<=== Hackers would love to find out who you are and steal

your identity and your money!

But a reputable VPN will keep you anonymous while online and safeguard you and your information from these invisible creeps.

Neither hackers nor any other prying eyes will be able to figure out who the heck you are!

What is Tunnelbear VPN’s Free Service?

Tunnelbear VPN offers a free VPN service with everything at one’s disposal on one device and is limited to 500MB of secure browsing per month. This service is only enough to occasionally do some browsing, check up on your social accounts once in a while, and maybe watch a video or two.

It isn’t particularly meant to be much more than a testing ground for people to see how Tunnelbear VPN works on their device. In fact, they say it themselves on their site that it’s for “testing and limited use.” 

That said, there’s nothing wrong with being able to test out a service to make sure that it runs well on your system and doesn’t gum up the works. But unless you have it installed on a device you don’t use very much, you’ll have a hard time staying under that 500MB data restriction. 

Tunnelbear’s Purchase Plans

If you like how Tunnelbear VPN works with your device or devices, you can upgrade to their “Unlimited” paid plan. This plan grants you unrestricted access with unlimited data usage. Through this plan, you’re also able to operate five different devices simultaneously. 

Their other service geared more for businesses, “Tunnelbear for Teams,” is also available for a different monthly rate. The price for this package slides up depending on how many people you intend to cover within the business. 

Security Audits

Security audits are a means by which a VPN can show its transparency to their customers, or potential customers, to ensure them that they are trustworthy. 

I noticed on their website that they dedicated a section to talk about making regularly scheduled security audits, and was immediately impressed! However, when I went in to take a look at their latest audit, it was back in 2018. 

What a Bummer!

What a BUMMER that was to see!

A lack of updating isn’t to say that they stopped doing the audits, I suppose. It’s possible that they only stopped posting it to their website. Either way, it was a bit of a letdown to see that that much time has elapsed since their last audit report. 

Final Thoughts

If it’s the ease of use that you’re looking for, I’d highly recommend giving Tunnelbear VPN a shot. You can do so for free, so you’d have nothing to lose. You might just be comfortable with the free package, and don’t use your device in a way that would exceed the 500MB limit. 

What Tunnelbear VPN has to offer is security, privacy, and anonymity. Those are its strengths, which is why it continues to be a popular name in the world of VPNs. But there are some features that many people have become accustomed to using or expecting with a paid service.

Unfortunately for Tunnelbear VPN, there are a ton of other services out there that offer all of the expected goodies and reportedly do it better.  Goodies like P2P filesharing, coverage for video game consoles, and a reliable method of getting around geo-restrictions. (Tunnelbear does claim to bypass geo-restrictions, but ample reviews tend to label it as unreliable at best.)

Again, free is painless. If it works well for your purposes, then there you go. But if you want more, there are larger brands out there such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, that are faster, more reliable, with all the bells and whistles. 

If you have any questions or input regarding this article, please drop us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you and we will be sure to respond quickly.

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What is a Secure VPN? NordVPN

The Fastest VPN - NordVPN

Several factors are involved when answering, “What is a secure VPN?” and in this article, we’re going to talk about how NordVPN checks every box. Every VPN is a little different than others, and the levels of security vary. Still, there are a handful of different standards that most reach to be deemed “secure.”

Well, what is a secure VPN? Here are a couple of extremely basic things to look for to answer this question. First would be a high level of uncrackable encryption, and second would be a strict no-logs policy. These aren’t the end-all, but if you’re looking at VPNs and either one of these are missing- move on. 

If a VPN claims a no-logs policy, that’s great! But there are many kinds of logs kept by sophisticated systems. They may mean no logs of websites you visit, or no logs of how much data transfer you used, or perhaps no logs of timestamps associated with your browsing, or maybe no logs of incoming and outgoing IP addresses. The VPNs that keep zero logs are the ones you would want. They should keep none of that!

What Else A Should a VPN Do?

Aside from those two crucial features mentioned above, there are several different methods used to keep your data, systems, and devices safe. But also, many VPNs have included other features that cater to gamers, streamers, and torrent downloads. Why not go with a VPN that can do it all with the best speeds?

The world of VPN features is getting larger every year, as more companies step up their game to outdo others. Those that are wanting to be transparent with their promises utilize the services of independent auditors who publish reports after extensive reviews of the VPN company’s technical side and business practices, including physical files if any are maintained.

Nord VPN No-logs Policy

There’s no reason to trust a VPN that doesn’t submit to regular independent audits.

Despite the newcomers, there’s one VPN that continues to stand out of the crowd with all of these, and that’s NordVPN. Nord satisfies the two major pieces of criteria, and then some. Let’s have a look at NordVPN, the company, then the many features this service offers to its customers. 

About NordVPN

NordVPN first hit the scene in 2012 and has enjoyed servicing over 14 million customers worldwide throughout time. Their current base of operations is in Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. 

NordVPN isn’t just among the most successful VPNs out there but is among the largest that you’ll find. They maintain over 5400 servers stretching out around the world in 59 different countries. 

The variety of countries and the number of servers help to ensure that you can find a fast and reliable service when you need it where you’d like it to be. The number of options these create helps to ensure getting your hands on the fastest possible servers when you’re doing things like streaming or downloading. 

Features of NordVPN

1 Month Price- $11.95  Or check out their Special SALE Pricing!

  • 5454 Servers in 59 Countries– As stated above, the quantity of servers helps you to find some to use that will be less cluttered and faster.
  • No-logs Policy– The policy means that nothing you do is ever saved, collected, shared, or recorded. A sound no-logs policy is a must-have feature that NordVPN is very open about in their “About US” section of their website. Upholding this policy and being transparent to customers is something that they know can either make or break their reputation.
  • Uninterrupted Streaming– Having a concealed IP address prevents your ISP from slowing down your connection in any way, which allows you to stream uninterrupted without any interference.
  • AES-256 Encryption– All your internet data is safe behind a wall of security, including for mobile. AES-256 encryption is the safest method of encryption to date. It is used by governments around the world to keep their sensitive information safe. A high level of encryption is another “must-have” feature that a VPN should have, and NordVPN uses the best that’s out there.
  • Bandwidth Throttling Bypass– Bandwidth throttling can happen for several reasons and results in repeated buffering and sudden speed drops. Some of the reasons that an ISP does this is are: to control data usage during prime time, to promote an “upgraded” service that runs faster, when an ISP becomes suspicious over too much data being shared via P2P, and bandwidth caps when you’ve exceeded the allotted limit.  Using NordVPN will keep your IP private and conceal your activities from your ISP, which will prevent any throttling protocols. 
  • One Account Protects up to 6 Devices– You can load NordVPN on to as many devices as you’d like, but can only use six simultaneously. But they allow you to make the most of this service. Your home router counts as one device, which means that every device using it will be protected. This trick opens everything up at the homestead, and after all, how often are you on the go with five different personal devices that would need protection?
  • Personal IP Protection– Using NordVPN ensures that your IP remains safe behind multiple walls of security and cyber-disguises.
  • IP Masking– When you use their service, you are hiding your location information and IP address through the VPN, using different IP addresses through different locations around the world.
  • P2P Servers– NordVPN provides special features that enable safer and faster P2P downloading. They maintain servers that are specially set up for P2P filesharing, ensuring a smooth experience. 
  • Double VPN– Hides your activity behind two servers instead of one- otherwise known as server chaining. The way this works is: your device and information are encrypted, and your traffic hits a NordVPN server. Then, from the first server, it bounces to a different server, then to the traffic’s destination.
  • CyberSec– Blocks dangerous websites, malware, and blocks ads. (Can be toggled on or off.) This feature is incorporated to help keep your systems safe from any malicious behavior from any sites that you wind up visiting.
  • Browser Extensions– Can be applied to your favorite browsers. This feature allows you to maintain a secure connection when visiting sites that haven’t upgraded to HTTPS, rather than the less secure HTTP.
  • DNS Leak Checker– Prevents openings for your traffic to wind up being intercepted by a third party. When you connect to NordVPN, all of your DNS queries runs directly through their privately owned DNS servers.
  • 24/7 Help and Support– One of the largest gripes of customers to any VPN service is a slow and distant customer service system. NordVPN’s customer service is active 24/7 and is available to answer any questions from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Device Security– All of the same features meant to protect all of your personal information is available to keep all of your personal information safe and secure on any mobile device through their app.

NordVPN Online Privacy and Speed

NordVPN Answers “What is a Good VPN?”

NordVPN is a well-established company with millions of users. Any business that doesn’t deliver what they say they deliver will never reach the heights that NordVPN has been able to reach, nor satisfy such a large customer base. 

Anywhere you go to search out a comparison review between several different VPNs, you can almost bet that NordVPN will be among those being held to the test. And you’ll also find that in most of these types of comparative reviews, they take the lead over their closest competition. 

For these reasons, and also due to the high levels of security and many additional features, it’s more than worth it to check them out and learn more about their service. To see current pricing and sales GO TO the NordVPN Website.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Is VyprVPN a Top-Rated VPN Service Provider?

VyprVPN has been around for a while now, but is it a top-rated VPN Service provider? It doesn’t take a lot of digging around to find that the competition is fierce
in the VPN industry. Especially as more and more people are downloading all of their sensitive information into systems that are far from crack-proof, VPN’s are popping up all over the place. 

So, is VyprVPN a Top-Rated VPN Service Provider even though there’s tons of competition? Well, VyprVPN is a solid system that has many useful features that will satisfy a variety of needs. Though there are better and faster VPN’s out there, VyprVPN has proven itself to be a reliable source of protection, security, and anonymity. 

This article will discuss many of the different features that VyprVPN has to offer. When you reach the end of the post and like what you see, you can try it out risk-free for 30 days (which is always something nice to take advantage of).  Either way, at least you’ll know what you’re getting into. 

VyprVPN- Based out of Switzerland

The parent company of VyprVPN is Golden Frog and is based out of Switzerland. The fact that this company is based out of Switzerland is important as far as privacy laws are concerned. 

Back in 2000, Switzerland’s Right to Privacy Article (Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution) was cemented, which protects one’s online activity privacy. Also, in 2010 the Swiss Supreme Court recognized that one’s IP address is considered to be personal information, making it unlawful to track activity without the user’s knowledge. 

In the world of VPN’s, online privacy, and internet security, a place that has strict privacy laws is a good place to hang one’s hat. Switzerland is such a place and is the base of operations for several VPN companies out there. 

The two major products produced by Golden Frog are VyprVPN and OutFox, with OutFox being geared toward gaming network performance.

VyprVPN Features

1 Month Price- $12.95     12-Month Plan $3.75/mo     2-Yr Plan $2.50/mo

  • Over 700 Servers dispersed through over 70 locations around the world.
  • Supports up to Five Devices at One Time
  • Dynamic Server Switching- This feature prevents a server from being overloaded and helps to make sure all of the servers operate uninterrupted.
  • 24/7 Customer Support- Most of the people who have ever needed to reach out to a customer service department can appreciate a 24/7 service. For many VPNs out there, this is where many are found wanting.
  • IP Address Protection- VyprVPN has over 200,000 IP addresses that you can use rather than having your system’s IP visible.
  • Chameleon- The Chameleon feature is VyprVPN’s effort to fight back against censorship. With this feature, you gain access to regionally restricted or censored content.
  • High-Speed Streaming through Updated Servers- All VyprVPN servers are owned by VyprVPN and updated accordingly.
  • VyprDNS- This protects you from any DNS leaks or breaches that might occur. It protects against any man-in-the-middle form of attacks. No 3rd party DNS is involved, just you and VyprVPN. 
  • VyprVPN Cloud- This opens your own dedicated business VPN server and also grants security as you traverse through other cloud type systems.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection- VyprVPN apps are always on the ready to protect your devices from any suspicious behavior when connecting to public Wi-Fi.
  • Kill Switch- Blocks all traffic from your internet or network if your VPN connection becomes compromised. The purpose is to prevent your system from ever being left vulnerable to attack.
  • No-Log Policy- VyprVPN will not log any of your activities. This is a popular feature because if for any reason, anyone wanted to search their system to track activity, there’s nothing to find. A strict no-logs policy protects the VPN as well as their customers. 

Is VyprVPN Safe?

After reading the low-down on all of the features available, you may still ask, “Is VyprVPN safe?” Yes, it is. 

VyprVPN utilizes government-grade AES 256-bit encryption. This form of encryption is used worldwide and has long since proven to be effective against those who would like to pry, spy, or otherwise stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. 

Keeping Hackers Out of My Computer

<=== And you don’t want this guy sniffing around your beezneez!

Coupled with the government-grade encryption is DNS protection to keep your system safe from malicious attacks. Something else to think about is that they claim to never use any 3rd parties for anything involving their system.

Without extra hands in the soup, they know everything that’s going on within their network of servers, without having to rely on “good faith” with other vendors. 

Then What’s the Deal with No-Logs VPNs Keeping “Some” Logs?

Great question! There are a lot of answers with a convoluted list of reasons why any VPN would keep logs when they aren’t required to by law in their country. One reason is that computer systems are programmed to log everything! That’s government-oriented from the start in most technicians’ opinions. It gives the government access to things most people don’t even know exists.

But as stated in their list of features, VyprVPN maintains a strict no-logs policy.

We may question that proclamation of “no-logs” due to the events in recent years with a few major VPN services having identical policies with whom warrants or letters from authorities have requested personal customer data and info to assist in their investigations.

Which VPN Can I Trust?

It caused a tainted reputation for all VPNs’ that claimed a no-logs” policy when a few of them caved when pressured by law enforcement; even when the law didn’t require them to keep logs, nor did it give authorities a legal avenue to demand such info.

VyprVPN No-Logs PolicyDoesn’t it make you wonder what tactics law enforcement may be using on this level that would cause a successful company to compromise their promise and risk losing several million dollars as they release info they don’t have to release (and that they supposedly didn’t log anyway… huh?)

Because of this, any real contender in today’s VPN market will make sure they never let that happen again. If a VPN were to do that now, they just issued their own immediate death sentence. It would be over. Consumers are now keen, or becoming so, on how all of this works.

So, what VyprVPN has done, along with all of the other reputable players, is to go the extra mile to be sure that not only do they not have to keep logs from a legal standpoint but that they, in reality, DO NOT keep any logs! So, if the men in black show up, there is nothing to find even if they were to take over the company. It just ain’t there!

And they are all submitting to regular independent audits from top tech companies that review their servers, their relays, their internal storage devices, and even the info from their employees.

That’s the kind of VPN service you want. VyprVPN is one of them. See, keeping their hands clean of your information is a great way to ensure that your privacy is secure, as the other safeguards keep your systems secure. This also places Vypr and other reputable companies in a position of trust.

Finally, we are getting somewhere with VPNs being transparent and reliable. 

Downloading and Streaming

VyprVPN opens up the gates so that you can stream or download content from anywhere in the world. According to the various testing sites, however, they aren’t the fastest in the world as claimed on their website. 

However, they do run fast enough to stream uninterrupted and also download large files faster than other VPNs. 

Is VyprVPN a Good VPN for Gaming? 

The absence of any talk about gaming or consoles on their website doesn’t bode well to answer this question. However, this could be due to Golden Frog’s other product, “OutFox.”

OutFox is specifically geared toward gaming and is likely why they kept gaming out of VyprVPN. SO, if it’s for gaming purposes that you’re looking for a good VPN, either try a different one that caters to games and consoles better, or check out OutFox rather than VyprVPN. 


VyprVPN is a solid, safe, and secure VPN and will work well for anyone. Is it the best? No, it isn’t. But though it’s not the best, it is certainly among the best out there and is ranked in the top 15 out of nearly 400 different VPNs. 

In fact, VyprVPN made our list on the “Best VPN buy of 2020” page. 

Every VPN has something different to give, different features to display, or different niches to cover. The best out there isn’t always the best for you. Perhaps better services have more bells and whistles that you’d never need?

All in all, VyprVPN is an outstanding overall service that will do everything it’s supposed to. If what it’s supposed to do is what you’re looking for after having read this article, then it will serve you well. Go to the VyprVPN website to download their app or to just gather more information about this trusted company. 

Definitely check out VyprVPN’s website, but also shoot us a note below with any comments or questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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Is ExpressVPN the Best VPN Service for Gaming?

ExpressVPN Ultra Fast Servers

There are several different VPN companies out there that boast of being the best VPN service for gaming. On the other hand, they also boast of being the best overall VPN’s in general, so I suppose that their marketing departments are doing their job.

The Best VPN for Gaming

Well, who is the best VPN service for gaming? The answer is ExpressVPN. The reasons are: reduced ping times, unblocking of restricted skins and maps, concrete DDoS attack protection, easy to use apps, apps for compatible routers (enables consoles to be protected), media streamer services, and more.

Aside from answering the posed question above, this article is going to take a good look at ExpressVPN. We’ll be showcasing its features and benefits, and bring to light why this particular VPN service is held in high regard amongst users.

Or, if you are ready for ExpressVPN now, click the banner below!

The Most Secure VPN

Is ExpressVPN Safe?

Is ExpressVPN safe to use? Yes, it is. Military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol are used to protect all of your data. If getting around government restriction or intrusion is your intention, this is the grade of encryption that you’d be looking for.

Because of their no logs policy, ExpressVPN ensures that there is no information stored at any time for any reason. If anyone were to try and gather information, there’s none to give. This policy not only protects the users but also protects the company from being responsible for having such information.

The management of ExpressVPN took an additional huge step to reassure their customers that their privacy is of utmost concern. They are one of the first, if not the first VPN to ever submit to an audit of their system and servers.

VPN No-Logs Policy

In October of 2019 PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the top 4 auditing companies in the world, was brought in with complete and unrestricted access to all of their equipment, files, and employees in order to establish a comprehensive audit.

It took most of a month.ExpressVPN made this move to prove transparency in regards to their privacy policies, especially their “No Logs” policy. They passed! The results of the audit reinforced their firm commitment to the complete privacy and anonymity of every customer.

More information about the safety features of ExpressVPN will be listed in the “Features” section below.

Recognized Among the Best VPN Service Providers

Try it for yourself. Search any list of the best VPN service providers. In every one of them, you’ll see a variety of opinions. However, there will be one thing that you’ll notice. ExpressVPN is in almost every one of them (they’ve been included in every list that I’ve ever seen).

The fact that they’re always in the mix should mean something, considering the number of VPNs out there that exist today. Not only is ExpressVPN a very popular choice for gaming, but it offers a complete package to protect your devices- be they mobile or home-based.

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ExpressVPN Features

Price per Month: $12.99 US (Price is drastically reduced when choosing to make a yearly payment rather than monthly.)

  • 160 VPN Servers in 94 Countries Worldwide
  • Content-Based Throttling Bypass– ExpressVPN bypasses the throttling that can occur. This feature makes your system run as fast as you’re paying your ISP to provide, rather than dealing with a throttled internet connection.
  • Blocked Content Bypass– This feature gets you around any content blockages that are regionally set up by governments. Bypassing these efforts removes you from being under their intended censorship.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth– You don’t have to be careful with what you use, what you watch, or how long you’re using any of your devices.
  • Unlimited Streaming– Stream as long as you see fit. ExpressVPN is compatible with opening up streaming all of your favorite channels and services.
  • IP Address Masking– Hides your identity by giving you an alternative IP address to places you visit online. In so doing, your privacy is protected, and your location remains a mystery.
  • Anonymous Browsing– ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which means if they’re ever forced to share information, they’ve got nothing to share.
  • Network Lock Kill Switch– Interrupts your internet connection if your VPN connection becomes compromised or shut down. This feature helps you to stay safe and secure until your connection to the VPN server is back up.
  • Apps Available for Every Popular Device– Protect every device that you utilize online. Whether it’s a mobile device or a Roku, ExpressVPN can do its work through its apps.
  • Around the Clock Live Chat Support– One of the biggest gripes between VPNs and their customers is the shoddy or lack-luster customer service. ExpressVPN’s live 24/7 customer service is an answer to this problem.
  • VPN Split Tunneling– Split Tunneling allows you to run some devices through a VPN server, and other devices without.
  • Private DNS– ExpressVPN owns its encrypted DNS on every one of their servers. No middle-man companies need to be relied upon.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection– This keeps your identity and data protected when you’re using public Wi-Fi servers.
  • Run Up to Five Devices Simultaneously– You can install ExpressVPN on as many devices as you’d like, but can only run five at a time. However, you can get around this by installing ExpressVPN directly to your home router. Doing that will cover whatever device is being used via that router.

Many existing reviews and also customer comments reveal that ExpressVPN is true to its word as it relates to speed. Not only fast but reliable. Torrenting is also found to be fast and efficient with smooth operation, and p2p filesharing also works through their servers.

For those who are cautious- ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee.

The Best VPN Service for Gaming- ExpressVPN

From any server you can choose, be it close by or on the other end of the earth, you’ll have a fast and reliable connection. This is a major factor considered when we call ExpressVPN the best VPN for gaming.

The Fastest VPN - ExpressVPN

Gamers and streamers alike know all too well how important this kind of a connection is, and the frustration that lag and signal drops create. A poor or slow connection can ruin everything.

With ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to run everything as you would be able to without using a VPN.

In other words, the speed and quality of your connection will not be hampered by ExpressVPN.Slower gaming connection is a downfall for many other VPN companies Slow Internet Causes This!and….


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But this is an area where ExpressVPN takes the lead. The speed lead!!

The same is true as it relates to any other form of media usage, be it streaming movies, TV shows, and videos. ExpressVPN takes charge as it would relate to having little to no drop in your connection speed.

To help make sure that you can find the fastest connections available, ExpressVPN has a Speed Test feature. It shows you the fastest server connections available in your network. This is a helpful addition and prevents you from having to guess which server would best serve your need for speed!


Yes, ExpressVPN is one of the highest-priced VPNs out there. But as we all know; you get what you pay for. There are cheaper VPNs available, but not all of them offer the whole package in the same way that this one does.

If you’re looking to secure your identity and your data, but don’t want to infringe on internet speed, gaming reliability, or throttling, ExpressVPN is a safe and wise choice.

You can also check out some of our other reviews on VPNs or other security products for the home. We strive to give you the best information we can find so that you are able to make the most informed decision whenever purchasing VPNs or home security equipment.

We’d love to hear from you. Any feedback is welcome. Just leave a comment below if you’d like. 🙂

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