Is ExpressVPN the Best VPN Service for Gaming?

ExpressVPN Ultra Fast Servers

There are several different VPN companies out there that boast of being the best VPN service for gaming. On the other hand, they also boast of being the best overall VPN’s in general, so I suppose that their marketing departments are doing their job.

The Best VPN for Gaming

Well, who is the best VPN service for gaming? The answer is ExpressVPN. The reasons are: reduced ping times, unblocking of restricted skins and maps, concrete DDoS attack protection, easy to use apps, apps for compatible routers (enables consoles to be protected), media streamer services, and more.

Aside from answering the posed question above, this article is going to take a good look at ExpressVPN. We’ll be showcasing its features and benefits, and bring to light why this particular VPN service is held in high regard amongst users.

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The Most Secure VPN

Is ExpressVPN Safe?

Is ExpressVPN safe to use? Yes, it is. Military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol are used to protect all of your data. If getting around government restriction or intrusion is your intention, this is the grade of encryption that you’d be looking for.

Because of their no logs policy, ExpressVPN ensures that there is no information stored at any time for any reason. If anyone were to try and gather information, there’s none to give. This policy not only protects the users but also protects the company from being responsible for having such information.

The management of ExpressVPN took an additional huge step to reassure their customers that their privacy is of utmost concern. They are one of the first, if not the first VPN to ever submit to an audit of their system and servers.

VPN No-Logs Policy

In October of 2019 PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the top 4 auditing companies in the world, was brought in with complete and unrestricted access to all of their equipment, files, and employees in order to establish a comprehensive audit.

It took most of a month.ExpressVPN made this move to prove transparency in regards to their privacy policies, especially their “No Logs” policy. They passed! The results of the audit reinforced their firm commitment to the complete privacy and anonymity of every customer.

More information about the safety features of ExpressVPN will be listed in the “Features” section below.

Recognized Among the Best VPN Service Providers

Try it for yourself. Search any list of the best VPN service providers. In every one of them, you’ll see a variety of opinions. However, there will be one thing that you’ll notice. ExpressVPN is in almost every one of them (they’ve been included in every list that I’ve ever seen).

The fact that they’re always in the mix should mean something, considering the number of VPNs out there that exist today. Not only is ExpressVPN a very popular choice for gaming, but it offers a complete package to protect your devices- be they mobile or home-based.

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ExpressVPN Features

Price per Month: $12.99 US (Price is drastically reduced when choosing to make a yearly payment rather than monthly.)

  • 160 VPN Servers in 94 Countries Worldwide
  • Content-Based Throttling Bypass– ExpressVPN bypasses the throttling that can occur. This feature makes your system run as fast as you’re paying your ISP to provide, rather than dealing with a throttled internet connection.
  • Blocked Content Bypass– This feature gets you around any content blockages that are regionally set up by governments. Bypassing these efforts removes you from being under their intended censorship.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth– You don’t have to be careful with what you use, what you watch, or how long you’re using any of your devices.
  • Unlimited Streaming– Stream as long as you see fit. ExpressVPN is compatible with opening up streaming all of your favorite channels and services.
  • IP Address Masking– Hides your identity by giving you an alternative IP address to places you visit online. In so doing, your privacy is protected, and your location remains a mystery.
  • Anonymous Browsing– ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which means if they’re ever forced to share information, they’ve got nothing to share.
  • Network Lock Kill Switch– Interrupts your internet connection if your VPN connection becomes compromised or shut down. This feature helps you to stay safe and secure until your connection to the VPN server is back up.
  • Apps Available for Every Popular Device– Protect every device that you utilize online. Whether it’s a mobile device or a Roku, ExpressVPN can do its work through its apps.
  • Around the Clock Live Chat Support– One of the biggest gripes between VPNs and their customers is the shoddy or lack-luster customer service. ExpressVPN’s live 24/7 customer service is an answer to this problem.
  • VPN Split Tunneling– Split Tunneling allows you to run some devices through a VPN server, and other devices without.
  • Private DNS– ExpressVPN owns its encrypted DNS on every one of their servers. No middle-man companies need to be relied upon.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection– This keeps your identity and data protected when you’re using public Wi-Fi servers.
  • Run Up to Five Devices Simultaneously– You can install ExpressVPN on as many devices as you’d like, but can only run five at a time. However, you can get around this by installing ExpressVPN directly to your home router. Doing that will cover whatever device is being used via that router.

Many existing reviews and also customer comments reveal that ExpressVPN is true to its word as it relates to speed. Not only fast but reliable. Torrenting is also found to be fast and efficient with smooth operation, and p2p filesharing also works through their servers.

For those who are cautious- ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee.

The Best VPN Service for Gaming- ExpressVPN

From any server you can choose, be it close by or on the other end of the earth, you’ll have a fast and reliable connection. This is a major factor considered when we call ExpressVPN the best VPN for gaming.

The Fastest VPN - ExpressVPN

Gamers and streamers alike know all too well how important this kind of a connection is, and the frustration that lag and signal drops create. A poor or slow connection can ruin everything.

With ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to run everything as you would be able to without using a VPN.

In other words, the speed and quality of your connection will not be hampered by ExpressVPN.Slower gaming connection is a downfall for many other VPN companies Slow Internet Causes This!and….


<=== it’ll make you feel like doing this!

But this is an area where ExpressVPN takes the lead. The speed lead!!

The same is true as it relates to any other form of media usage, be it streaming movies, TV shows, and videos. ExpressVPN takes charge as it would relate to having little to no drop in your connection speed.

To help make sure that you can find the fastest connections available, ExpressVPN has a Speed Test feature. It shows you the fastest server connections available in your network. This is a helpful addition and prevents you from having to guess which server would best serve your need for speed!


Yes, ExpressVPN is one of the highest-priced VPNs out there. But as we all know; you get what you pay for. There are cheaper VPNs available, but not all of them offer the whole package in the same way that this one does.

If you’re looking to secure your identity and your data, but don’t want to infringe on internet speed, gaming reliability, or throttling, ExpressVPN is a safe and wise choice.

You can also check out some of our other reviews on VPNs or other security products for the home. We strive to give you the best information we can find so that you are able to make the most informed decision whenever purchasing VPNs or home security equipment.

We’d love to hear from you. Any feedback is welcome. Just leave a comment below if you’d like. 🙂

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  1. Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about a DDOS attack because I’m such a small gamer in Germany and no one knows me, anyway. That and because I have a limited amount of bandwidth going up to my ISP I cannot see running my stream through a VPN service, too.

    The problem I have had in the past being in Germany is watching Netflix. I am an American living in Germany so I pay for US Netflix; however, the German ISPs must work with the government because they still can limit what you can watch in Germany. So, now, even though I have a VPN I only use it when I need to look like I’m coming from the US when applying for certain things online as they check your IP for eligibility and  VPN is a great way to do that.

    When we eventually move back to the states and if I’m still gaming/streaming I think a VPN for anonymity is a must just because of what the knuckleheads in the US do as “pranks” against gamers and streamers. So, I’ll keep this specific service in mind.

    1. Interesting set of circumstances. I’m not sure what VPN you use when accessing Netflix, but ExpressVPN and a few others are great services that will get you into Netflix pretty much without fail. Check out our articles regarding other VPNs and, as you will see, most of them are great for streaming Netflix, watching American sports, and many other things. 

      Below are the links to our other articles regarding the best VPNs and some of the features they provide.

      Top Rated VPN Services – The Best VPN for Home

      Is Proton VPN Safe?

      Best VPN Buy of 2020 – Online Security!

      Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate your comments!


  2. I never knew that people used a vpn when gaming. I’ve never been into gaming online either because I’ve always been a more hands-on type of person. At one time I enjoyed racing games, but that’s when I was younger. Now I don’t realy have time. That is kinda strange to me. I guess you learn something new everyday. The only time I’ve personally heard of people using a vpn was when they would go on to the dark web and things like that. This is a great article with lots of useful information. Keep up the good work! I realy enjoyed reading your article.

    All the best, Jonathon 

    1. Yes, it was kinda weird to me when I first learned of such a thing as well. But then I learned that the reason why gamers need a quality VPN is that they are typical targets of malicious saboteurs online. Going all over the world, virtually, gaming places gamers in a high-risk mode very often. 

      Thanks for your comments Jonathon! 🙂

  3.  Many VPNs claim to keep you private online, but a closer look at their
     privacy policies reveals all kinds of loopholes and woolly language.
     This means your data is actually stored and might be shared with third
     parties, including the government. these concerns are what gamers have and i think you have answered most of the questions with this article.

    1. Thanks, Lucas. And you are right. There are a lot of different things meant by “no-logs”. Most have some type of logs that could tell third parties some things, depending on which items are logged. Some only log timestamps, and some only log bandwidth usage. Still, others log other things but are supposedly not keeping any personal information attached to any browsing or activity. However, there are a few that appear to pass the test of no logs. ExpressVPN is one of them, and Surfshark is another. 

      Thanks for your comments, Lucas!

  4. This is rather interesting to see. I have not really considered using a VPN for gaming for the most part, but I have used ExpressVPN for other things when I’ve needed a VPN service. I can attest to the fact that they offer a very speedy connection and a very great range. I do feel that they keep my anonymity at 100% which certainly makes them my number one pick.

  5. I like your review on express VPN. It’s good to know that it’s safe. I wouldn’t want my information getting stolen. I can tell this is well researched, especially because you noticed that express VPN is on multiple top VPN lists. It does seem to be one of the more expensive ones, as you mentioned. Although it has a lot of nice features. I really like he high speed feature. I hate it when my game is lagging. It’s very annoying! Thank you for your review. 

    1. No problem, Lex! You will be secure with ExpressVPN and it will help speed up your gaming. Thanks for your input and comments today. 🙂


  6. Hello there – I have recently discovered the benefits of using VPN. I’ve not tried express vpn yet. The one that I use I right has constant issues with connection. Pricing for express vpn is slightly higher than what I use right now but based on your reviews it seems like this might be a better fit and seems promising. Thank you for this article. 

    1. Absolutely! I’m glad to help. Let me know what you think of ExpressVPN once you’ve used it for a few weeks. Just come back and shoot us another comment on here. Thanks so much for comments.


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