LED Outdoor Security Lights for All Occasions


LED outdoor security lights are gradually taking over, replacing the traditional bulb-type fixture. Because of the versatility of LEDs, a world of possibilities has opened up for homeowners.

    Possibilities that surpass security, and enter into novelty. In other words- they’re starting to become more fun! Few companies out there have embraced this more than Novostella, and they are producing some way cool stuff!

      Novostella Outdoor Security Lights

        Novostella has a good selection of floodlights that come in various combinations of features, strengths, and quantities (how many lights per pack). Some of their units are meant to be decorative; others are meant to illuminate a yard.

          As far as security goes, their higher-powered, motion-activated floodlights get the job done. However, Novostella has kept itself out of the smart outdoor light security systems category that you can get from companies like Ring or Kuna.

            But Novostella does have several units that are comprehensive smart systems.  You can control your lights through an app, with several features that make their product a different animal from traditional lights.

              You could consider any outdoor light a security light, just by the deterring factor it provides. If someone wants to do something to someone’s property, it’s usually at night. Light up your yard, and that advantage is gone. But here, we consider a light with motion sensors to be true security lights.

                Below, we’ve chosen four floodlights from Novostella that will give you a good idea of what they have to offer. We’ve got one motion sensor security light, one spotlight, and two smart lights.

                  The diversity in these products may AMAZE you! And these four are just a small sample…..


                    1 Pack 60W Motion Sensor Floodlight60W Motion Sensor Floodlight

                      Price: Get Today’s Price

                          • One 60W LED Light
                          • 9.84” Long, 8.7” Tall, 1.85” Wide
                          • 120-180 Degree Motion Sensor
                          • Hardwired
                          • IP65 Waterproof Casing
                          • 180 Degree Adjustable Lamp Body

                      The 60W Motion Sensor Floodlight has a three-mode control system. The first mode sets the sensors to operate around the clock, or only when it’s dark. Next, you can set the amount of time that it remains lit after being triggered. And the third adjusts the sensor’s reach.

                        This particular unit is a cheap alternative to traditional bulb type outdoor floodlights. It’s a good choice if you aren’t interested in the other, more novelty type lights that Novostella has to offer. It is a no-frills, no-nonsense lighting fixture.

                          And now we will brighten things up a bit….


                            2 Pack 120W LED Floodlight2 Pack 120W Floodlight

                              Price: Get Today’s Price

                                  • Two 120W LED Lights
                                  • 13.1” Long, 8.7” Tall, 1.9” Wide
                                  • Hardwired
                                  • IP66 Waterproof Casing
                                  • 180 Degree Adjustable Lamp Body
                                  • Cooling Fin Heat Dispersal Design

                              The two-pack 120 watts LED floodlights, provide constant and even coverage. These are perfect for playgrounds, basketball courts, or other outdoor landscapes. Take note that these are not security lights, meaning there are no motion sensors at work. They turn on and off through a simple switch.

                                The cooling fin heat distribution design helps to keep the lights cool, preventing discoloration of siding such as wood or vinyl that can occur with higher wattage lights. The casing is water and dustproof, ensuring safe and steady operation no matter what the weather throws at them.

                                  Ahhh, color! These smart LEDs can bring a dull place to life……


                                    2 Pack 15W RGB & 5,000K Daylight White Wi-Fi Smart LED Floodlights2 Pack 15W Smart LED Lights

                                      Price: Get Today’s Price

                                          • Two 15W RGB LED Lights
                                          • 5.9” Long, 3.94” Tall, 1.22” Wide
                                          • Over 16 Million Dimmable Colors Including Daylight White
                                          • 8 Lighting Scenes
                                          • Hardwired
                                          • Supports Voice, App, Group Control
                                          • Works with Alexa or Google Assistant
                                          • Timer and Dimmer Scheduling
                                          • IP66 Waterproof Casing

                                      These two versatile lights are great for adding accents to any space- indoors or outdoors. They’re great for adding color where you’d like to have it and can be customized through your choice of millions of color combinations.

                                        These lights are easily controlled through your phone or tablet via the app provided by Novostella. You can turn them on or off, or make any color modifications anywhere Wi-Fi is available through your device. Or, you can tell them what to do through Alexa of Google Assistant, if you are already using these devices.

                                          And now, more colourful LED floodlights with more power!!



                                          2 Pack 20W RGBCW 2700-6500k 2000LM Wi-Fi Smart LED Floodlights2 Pack 20W Smart LED Lights

                                            Price: Get Today’s Price

                                                • Two 20W RGBCW LED Lights
                                                • 5.9” Long, 3.94” Tall, 1.22” Wide
                                                • Hardwired
                                                • Over 16 Million Dimmable Colors
                                                • 8 Lighting Scenes
                                                • Supports Voice, App, Group Control
                                                • Works with Alexa or Google Assistant
                                                • Timer and Dimmer Scheduling
                                                • IP66 Waterproof Casing

                                            Aside from being 5 watts more powerful than the previous set, many of the same features apply, including its casing size. But the previous set was RGB lights, and these are RGBCW. The difference is the control of both cold and warm tones (the added CW) of the light. This cutting-edge lighting technology is only a few years old.

                                              The addition of five watts makes the set more potent, visually appealing, and sharp over a larger surface. These are perfect for highlighting your Christmas decor with greens, reds, and blues, or other holidays such as Halloween with black light colors and dark reds. Reserve the yellows and oranges for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless, either indoors or out.

                                                Floodlights for All Occasions

                                                  Novostella has all kinds of lighting fixtures to make your space as well-lit as possible, whether with natural white or standard colors, or the customizable RGB and RGBCW colors. The four lights above are good, well-rounded examples of the items offered by Novostella.

                                                    But they don’t stop there. For example, Novostella has a 100-watt version of one of the smart lights above, as well as other variations. They also make strip lights that are RGB LEDs and come in 20 to 105-foot lengths. These are great for just about anything at any time. They’ve become popular for backgrounds of streamers and video creators as well.

                                                      ==> See more cool LED lights for your home here! <==



                                                              In almost every post, we say that your requirements or ideas should dictate what you think is best for you. Novostella’s range of products aims to cater to security, function, and fun. You can go bare-bones as an upgrade from bulbs to LEDs, or make your property more secure with motion-activated systems.

                                                                Or if you’re looking for something different, get the smart systems to add spice to your space, and have as much fun with your lights as you’d like. Whatever you need is, Novostella has lighting systems that will rise to any occasion.

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                                                                      1. Thank you so much for sharing this insightful article. The prime element of this article is LED outdoor security light. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading the article and I’ve developed a lot of knowledge about it after researching what you’ve had to say. 

                                                                        I purchased the two pack 120w floodlight mentioned in your article for my home security. I feel very comfortable using this floodlight as it should be bright enough to provide security around the surroundings.The children in my house can play in the yard using this floodlight.

                                                                        So I would say those who are thinking about home security and thinking about buying floodlights can buy this light. It’s worth the extra money to have the stronger lights. 

                                                                        Since this article was meaningful to me, I’d like to share it with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about these products and the benefits they bring.


                                                                        1. Thanks man! Let me know if you have any questions. You will like the products you have purchased.. I’m confident of that. Please hit me back on here and let me know what you think once you have things installed.  

                                                                          I appreciate your feedback!


                                                                      2. I’ve been thinking of adding some sort of security to my home. I don’t know too much about this stuff, to be honest, but I think I could use some help from your article.

                                                                        First of all, I’d like some lights with sensors. They’re more convenient than those lights you have to turn on/off manually. We have to save electricity. Safety can be environmentally friendly.

                                                                        It would be nice to have some of those colored lights, but in the meantime, I think the 60W motion one will do.

                                                                        Just one question…what’s the typical lifespan of those lights?

                                                                        Thanks for sharing!

                                                                        1. Hi Enrique! You are on the right track. Lights with sensors are valuable theft and intruder-deterrent products. You can’t go wrong with any of these products in my opinion. As far as life, LEDs tend to last for a few millennia, so I don’t think that is something to worry about. I’m being a little facetious of course, because everything wears out, but these LED lights are supposed to last for a LONG LONG time. Let me know if you find out differently. 

                                                                          Thanks so much for your comments and question.


                                                                      3. Wow! Seems like I’ve landed on the right website! I have been looking into the LED outdoor security lights for a while, but couldn’t seem to find what I’m looking for. These are above my expectations! They have all the specs I was looking for, they last a long time, and they are more affordable than the others that I was considering.

                                                                        Thank you so much for this informative post with great recommendations.

                                                                        Best wishes

                                                                        1. I’m glad to help out! Please let me if and when you purchase some of these lights and what you think about them.

                                                                          Thanks and come back with an update is you will!

                                                                      4. I am looking at different home security options for my house.  I like the idea of having a motion sensor floodlight.  There is quite a variety of lights to choose from starting from the basic floodlights to the more frill of colored lights.  I also like that you are able to control the lights from an app.

                                                                        How does the Novostella lights compare to other similar brands?

                                                                        1. Thanks for your questions and comments Jan! Novastella lights are of great quality and tend to be a bit less expensive than other similar brands. There are other good products out there, but apples for apples, you get more bang for your buck with Novastella.

                                                                      5. Thank you for sharing this article about Novostella lights. It is great, how LED Outdoor Security Lights make security lights more fun. I have a question related to animals roamin in the garden: would a motion-detection light pick those up? Am I better off going for lights without motion detection? Novostella lights sound like a good option for our garden. Thank you

                                                                        1. Thanks for your comments and questions! These are great products as you said. As far as the motion detector picking up the motion of animals in the garden, that would depend on how large the animals are and how sensitive you have the settings. Of course, large animals would likely be detected, but there are ways to calibrate that to minimize such false alarms. On the other hand, unless you place one of these in an area with cattle or something like that, the occasional light going off from a deer or something like that shouldn’t be a problem. Well, unless it shines into your bedroom window. But the complaints from this don’t exist fro anything I can find. 

                                                                          Hopefully that helps!


                                                                      6. I am so glad I landed on your site to read your in-depth and thorough review of the different options of LED outdoor security lights available.  Technology amazes me!  It just gets better and better.  I was stunned to see the WiFi Smart LED Flood Lights work with Alexa and Google Home.  My husband and I are looking for flood lights outside in our backyard for when we let our pups out (we live in more of a rural location so it gets pretty dark in our backyard).  I love how Google Home will allow us to control the outdoor lighting from a centralized location inside our house.  I will be looking into this.  Thanks for sharing and providing such detailed information for us (your readers) to make an informed purchasing decision.

                                                                        1. Thanks Lindsey! I appreciate your comments. Technology has come a long way, and smart lights are not only smart, but they can add such appeal and even color to your landscape. Let me know after you acquire lights for your back yard and your puppies. It would be great to hear what you purchased and your personal experience with those products. 

                                                                          Thanks again!


                                                                      7. Omg these lights are epic! I love this! Besides that of course they provide great home security. Well, what to expect from the woman then to be excited about the style first, then the function and the cause itself 🙂 

                                                                        I like more this kind of led lights, the sensory ones, than the ones you have to turn on and off manually. I would love to save some electricity as well, and that’s why I support the invention of the sensory lights. You also can’t forget to turn them off 🙂 

                                                                        Thanks for a great article. 

                                                                        1. Thanks for your comments Sunny! These products really are great! If you purchase some, let me know what yoyu think of them.

                                                                      8. It’s good to cater to the well-being and security of the outside as much as we cater to the inside. Security starts from our surrounding and not our immediate space. Novostella Outdoor security lights are very useful for many things including securing the outside of our homes. People should always endeavor to make things smart and beautiful while making it safe. 

                                                                      9. Awesome! I didn’t know much about security lights before but this article has given me great insight into it. This is nice and with great features too, I did not have this, but I will definitely get one, am thinking to go for the 2 pack 120W LED Floodlight, it has great features and it has two cameras which I need. I need to get it for my home, and I need to be more security conscious. Thanks for sharing the article.

                                                                      10. Hi Darrin,

                                                                        We do have 1 pack motion sensor floodlight installed at the side of our house just before the RV gate which leads to our backyard. It is a handy light! We had to add extra security in addition to our 4 camera securities. The thing is our neighbor has cats and our neighborhood also has some feral cats. So sometimes our floodlight is triggered when they pass around the side of our house to get to the property separation wall. Therefore, the neighbors get annoyed with our light. I wish the light would not easily be triggered by small animals like cats. Do you have any solutions for this? Maybe a suggestion to a better installation or products?

                                                                        Thank you for your post. 

                                                                        1. Hi Ferra! The sensitivity of these cameras can be set in such a way that small animals would not trigger the light. Since you didn’t mention dogs, you could set it to where anything larger than a large cat would set it off, but nothing the size of the cats or smaller. You can actually go onto the website and look at the specs for each of the cameras you are considering and see which ones have the best options for keeping your neighbors happy by not having unnecessary issues with the yard lighting up during the night. That was a problem with older cameras, but these days, everything is more programmable. Let me know what you think after you have any of these lights for a week or two. We’d love your feedback!


                                                                      11. Thank you for your thorough review of Novostella’s outdoor security lights, Darrin. It really amazes me how technology has improved nowadays.

                                                                        What caught my attention was the 2-Pack 15W RGB & 5000K. It has an IP66 waterproof casing. So, if I understand right, these cameras are able to be out in the elements and rain, is that right? I am asking this because it would be great to install them close to the beach near my home. The climate is really rough here all year long in Panama.

                                                                        Well, that was all. It is so cool that it works with Alexa too. That’s a plus for us. Great stuff!

                                                                        Thank you for posting this helpful information.

                                                                        1. Hi, and thanks for your comments and questions. You are right about those camerae. They are disigned with the outdoors in mind, They would work great on a beach area. Let me know once you get something for your beach security lights. We’d love to have your input on here regarding your thoughts. 

                                                                      12. Hello there, thanks for this informative article. I know it will be of great help to the many people as it has been of help to me. I have been looking for quality security lights to light up my compound. All the ones I bought recently went bad and quit working shortly after installing them. I guess I shouldn’t go for the cheapest prices but items with decent ratings and a good reputation. That’s what I’m seeing with the products offered by this company, and after reading this article I think I will go with the 2 Pack 20W RGBCW 2700-6500k 2000LM Wi-Fi Smart LED Floodlights. Thanks for the info!

                                                                        1. Thanks so much for your comments. I’m sure it was frustrating having a bad experience with the products you had recently bought elsewhere. They didn’t last long if I understood you correctly. So, I’m really glad you stopped by today and learned more about the Novastella company and their quality products. You will really like the floodlights you are planning to purchase. After having them for a week or two, come back and give us a review. We’d love to hear back from you!


                                                                      13. Great descriptions! I just got two different ones. I went with the RGBCW 2 pack for the front of the house. I settled on this because of the versatility in colors for the different holidays. We are big on decorating and these lights will add that extra pop to them. For the back, I went for the more simple 60-watt motion-sensor floodlights. Perfect for the dogs and our backyard is near the forest line so a motion-sensor was a must.

                                                                        1. Great! And thanks so much for your comments. If you would, after you have your new products for a couple weeks, drop in and let us know your thoughts on them. 


                                                                      14. It’s good to hear about the LED outdoor security lights for all occasions. The infgo you provided is really resourceful and helpful for me. Lights can make your occasions really colorful and interesting, and it’ll make it bright They seem to be good for setting moods for different events, especially as my daughter’s birthday is approaching. She would love them! I may have to venture out and get some to try them out.


                                                                        1. Yes, your daughter would definitely love these lights. And they do color up the yard or room or wherever you place them. Let me know what you think of them once you have used them.

                                                                          Thanks for your comments!


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