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Smart home security systems have become available to homeowners in ways that were impossible in the past. Ring security system reviews tell us how much Wi-Fi has changed the game, expanding their market to people who wouldn’t have been able to utilize their services and products through traditional (hard-wired) means.Door Armor

The market’s expansion due to Wi-Fi dramatically rests on the shoulders of renters. Not every rental property or apartment comes equipped with a security system. In most circumstances, renters wouldn’t have been able to have a hard-wired system installed.

Security systems have become cheaper, DIY (opposed to having a professional come and install it), and contain a greater variety of options than ever before.

Before we take a look at the buzz around the Ring security system reviews, gathering a consensus on what folks are saying about them, we’ll have a glance at the systems they offer.

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Ring Security System Kits

When it comes to Ring, the sky’s the limit. You can have your whole house outfitted to be controlled through an app- from all the lights in your home, to exterior lights. They have a well-thought-out catalog of products to choose from. Still, for the purposes of this article, we’ll primarily stick to their Kits.

Customers can create their own custom orders to suit their needs. In an attempt to make things easier, they have four kits available- 5-piece, 8-piece, 10-piece, and 14-piece.

The kits displayed below are not always as they are at the time of this article. But rest assured that if those particular packages aren’t available per se, the Ring products are still available and different packages and sales are offered most of the time.

Check the latest price and packages here

5 Piece Security Kit

Ring 5-Piece Systyem

The 5-piece kit consists of:

  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Contact Sensor
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Range Extender

According to Ring, this package is effective up to 1,000 square feet. Coverage consists of 1 window or door, and the motion detector covers one room. This system is best for

8 Piece Security Kit

Ring 8-Piece System

The 8-piece kit consists of the following:

  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Keypad
  • 4 Contact Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Range Extender

You can safeguard four windows or doors using the contact sensors. If placed wisely, the motion detector can cover any entry point within range- down a hallway, for example.

10 Piece Security Kit

Ring 10-Piece System

The difference between the 8-piece and the 10-piece kits is the inclusion of one more contact sensor, and one more motion detector.

The 10-piece can grant protection for five windows or doors and will cover 1,000 – 2,000 square feet. Ring considers this to be adequate for a standard 1-2-bedroom home.

Now for the Larger Homes!

14 Piece Security Kit

Ring 14-Piece System

The 14-piece security kit is geared to secure a more substantial home of 2-3 bedrooms, tackling 2,000+ square feet.

  • Base Station
  • 2 Keypad
  • 8 Contact Sensors
  • 2 Motion Detectors
  • Range Extender

Customized Kits

There is an option that is interesting, that allows you to enter details about your home to come up with a custom kit. The info you enter (how many windows or doors you want to be covered, etc.) formulates what you’d need to secure your home.


Ring Video DoorbellNo matter what you decide to choose, there are always accessories available to include with your order. Among the accessories are yard signs posting that your home is secured by audio/video monitoring systems, extra rechargeable battery packs, solar panels, and a chime box that alerts you to the doorbell or if something is triggering the alarm system.

Aside from the accessories, you can also purchase other mainline products from Ring such as video doorbells, security cameras & other video equipment.

Ring Security App

A great feature of this DIY system is the Ring App. The app allows you to know what’s going on within or around your home wherever you are. When an alarm is triggered, a notice pops up via the app.

Through the app, you can figure out whether or not it’s a false alarm. False alarms could be kids coming home from a friend’s house, family stopping by, or other mundane or well-meaning things that may occur while you’re away.

However, if it’s a break-in or something nefarious happening, you have the option to alert the authorities immediately. Ring will do the calling for you if you maintain their 24/7 professional monitoring membership.

A useful feature that is included in the app is that you can create separate accounts for different family members. This makes it easier to control who can do what, as far as modifications to the system, and extra eyes on what’s going on at home.

Floodlights & Video Doorbell

Ring Black Floodlight CameraThe packages talked about above are lacking these two items that are a huge leap forward as it relates to securing your home, but both are available from Ring. In fact, the video doorbell is what started Ring’s direction as a company.

The video doorbell delivers video footage to your app whenever anyone triggers the sensor, alerting you who might be at your door. This is great whether you’re away or not.

The floodlights (which can also be controlled through your app) are battery operated. This is what makes these easy on the do-it-yourselfers.

Ring Security System Reviews

Now that we’re more familiar with their product, let’s get an overall consensus on what people have to say about their products & services.


Many positive reviews include the affordability of their products in comparison to their competition.

*DIY Friendly

Reviews often include how easy their systems are to set up and get running. As is true with any DIY project, the more you can do yourself, the more you save. Security system installations are no exception.

*Monthly 24/7 Monitoring Not Necessary

If you’d rather not spend the $10.00 per month for their monitoring system, and would rather place that on your shoulders, you can. Other companies require you to subscribe to their monitoring programs, and for much more per month than Ring. Users found Ring’s way of doing things to be welcomed freedom.

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Your home, your family, your stuff, and your life, should be kept safe one way or the other. Ring makes it possible to purchase what you can afford and continue to build as time and finances progress.

But there’s something that I’d like to point out about this, or any other Wi-Fi system. No matter where you move, you can take it with you. The same can’t be said for hard-wired systems.

Ring has a solid reputation in the DIY community, and according to the reviews provided by users, the investment is well worth the money. Please leave a comment below with any questions or insights you may have. We’d love to hear from you and we will answer all comments or questions. 🙂

If you’d like to check out all that Ring has to offer as a SmartHome product provider as well as the products and services offered by their closest competitors, click here! 

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  1. Very nice review of the ring security system.  My sis-in-law invested in one of those.  It is very amazing.  She can look on her phone from anywhere, who is ringing her doorbell.  They give you a 30 days trial period I think, then they will start charging you. I like the other option that some companies do not charge you.  Do you happen to know which one they are?

    1. It is a great system with a progressive company! As far as other companies not charging, it depends on what exactly you are referring to. To my knowledge, most of the companies that offer do-it-yourself options also offer a paid professional monitoring service. I know you can see real-time what is going on at your front door without a paid monitoring service. That would be the same with SimpliSafe. I guess I should say that I know that SimpliSafe allows you to see real-time video and you can use real-time audio to scare away nefarious peeps, but to have any video saved to go back and view, you would need to be enrolled in a monitoring plan. This is an aggressively growing field and things change often, usually to the consumer’s benefit due to competition. So, what is offered today may be different… later today haha! Seriously though, Ring is a great security option. They have things the other top two don’t have, but I get wind that the other competitors have comparable products rolling out soon, and it will be interesting. It will be to the customers’ benefit!


  2. Thanks for the insightful post! This review has given me a great deal of exposure to some of the amazing products they offer and those that are included in any given order.

    Now, I want to place my first order for home accessories like solar inverters, batteries, cameras, and other video accessories needed for my business. I’ve long ago needed these accessories and I’m much excited that I stumbled at your review.

    Israel Olatunji

  3. I live in the Downtown neighborhood and normally it’s a safe area. But recently, I hear more and more about stolen packages, from the porch or mailboxes. Maybe it’s because of the financial distress caused by the pandemic, I don’t know. 

    People who have Ring and get pictures of the thieves have better chances of helping police to catch the bad guys. 

    I’m considering getting Ring as well. We order more online these days and I don’t want to lose my packages.

    1. You are right Mary! It does help police identify and prosecute the thieves, but even better, the presence of an alarm system and cameras will usually deter a criminal from even attempting to rob someone. Why would they do that when your neighbor doesn’t have cameras and they also have packages on their porch? Great points you made about the pandemic and people being a little more desperate. It is a sad time in that regard, but it doesn’t justify robbing others. Keep your family safe and get the gear you need to do so. 

  4. Hey

    I love your review about this ring security system. 

    I have a doubt. I hope you can solve it for me. Since I believe that it is based on wifi, can it be hacked? I know I might be asking a silly question, but I just want some answers.

    After reading your review, I’m am really starting to consider changing the security system of my house.

    Thanks for posting such useful information. 

    With regards,


    1. To be honest, yes! It can be hacked. It has been hacked. But the same is true for your phone, your laptop, your wifi, your smart TV, gaming consoles, and in general, everything you are using in your home via your wifi connection. It’s possible with any security company that uses wifi (like most do these days) to be hacked. There is a bad rap out there about some people being hacked in regards to their Ring cameras that were running through their wifi. I don’t know what the difference would be from one company to another regarding the ability to be hacked, but it’s basically all the same to my understanding. But if you are not some high security government official, there should be no concern. Your high end hackers have no reason to hack you nor would they without a lot of $ (and they can’t if you have a VPN) and the ones who may want to randomly hack people won’t be able to, especially if you have a VPN. 

      You will be happy with your Ring system! There is a lot of room to add on and grow, and they are one of the leading home security providers today!

      Thanks for your input…


  5. Awesome review, I must say thus topic is very imperative to us all às we should consider our homes, life and properties our up most secure and try all we can to keep them safe…You various security systems you just reviewed here I must say are really great in keeping and alerting us of intruders to our home and will go a long way to helping us stay secured…
    Thanks for the informative article and I look forward to sharing it in my blog

  6. Helooo Dear, let me start by saying that this is really a nice review on the ring security system, smart home technology. I must say that the ring security system is amazing, I first saw this security system in my workplace that’s my boss’s office, very reliable and consistent. It’s really a smart home technology.

    1. Very much a smart home company! Keep them in mind if you need any surveillance for your home or business,.

  7. Hey nice article you have there. This is indeed an inovation at it’s peak. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, armed robbery has been at its peak in my country due to the lockdown that was initiated. With the Ring Security system lives and properties will be safeguard as you can determine when someone is approaching your house via the motion detector. I will definitely do well to purchase 5 piece security kit in my home and office and also recommend it to friends. Regards.

    1. You would do well to do so. And don’t forget about the Ring Doorbell Camera which is a great add-on to any package. 

      I so appreciate your comments. Let me know if you have any questions…


  8. Hi Darrin! This is an awesome review that you have got here. I love the Ring Security System. This is the best  and I think any one in need of a security system should get this because of its remarkable effect and the comfort it brings to your home. One thing that amaze me about this security system is that the subscription to their monitoring programs is cheap.

    1. Thanks man! Yes, the monthly monitoring services are inexpensive, and they aren’t essential to run a security system. You can monitor it yourself if you so decide with no monthly fees. 

  9. How crazy it is to do hard wiring? We’d have to crack up the walls if they haven’t been cracked before with pipes layed already or we’d better go with surface wiring instead of conduit wiring, but this could be a no no because we’d see wiring everywhere or trunking pipes instead. WiFi has changed the game drastically and Ring Security has cracked the code as well. Incredibly awesome that virtually anyone can install these security systems successfully. I also love it that we can create our own custom orders as this is a huge potential that our imagined home security needs will be met. Amazing features and the app even makes the experience more delightful.

  10. Hello and thanks for sharing such useful information. I was actually doing some reviews when I saw your post regarding Ring. You made it easy to understand that company and what they have to offer. I’m learning a lot these days about security of the home and smart home technology. I will check out the items you listed on your site. Maybe some of it will be right for me. 

    Thanks for the post.

  11. Hello there thanks for this review it was really of great value. Well I this this is actually my first time hearing about Ring Security System and judging from your review, they have really nice collections of security kits. It is interesting to know that these kits are DIY friendly and at affordable rate. I think I might just consider buying the 8-piece security kits for my home.

    1. Thanks for your comments! You will be satisfied with Ring, I’m certain. And keep in mind that you can always upgrade and add to your system. 

  12. Thanks for this. We took the decision to install a full system with a 24/7 service. Reading your article made me wonder how things would have been if we had not taken the service. Two times that I received alarms have been when we have been on vacation thousands of miles away and in a different time zone. Our alarm went off and I received a call in the small hours of the morning. I was woken up from a deep sleep by a call from our service provider. I think if I had been just getting an alert on my cellphone from the system, I am not sure I would have had the where-with-all to think through what I should have done – I was that deeply asleep. Anyway, it is always a matter of choice and cost. Thanks again, Andy 

  13. I really love the idea of having a Video Doorbell, this is where a lot goes on and you could assess dangers ask questions and be safe. I think floodlights are a good startup for DIY security and also garden solar lights that are is cheap. I had a look at other pages Simplisafe Alarm review very handy as I look for home security.  

    Thank You heaps Darrin

    1. SimpliSafe and Ring both have great products! They vary in features and in what all they offer, but both are great and a good way to protect your family.

  14. Looks like a great niche, with simplisafe stating only 20% of 126 million homes have security.  A high ticket item in a niche like that is good dirt for farming.  Your post does present the issues pertinently.  I found your site navigates very well and the images etc are laid out nicely.

    My wife has been mentioning wanting some security cameras so I suppose I will have something in place before long.  The issue of security came up last year when the lawn mower disappeared out of the front yard in between mowing.  Can’t take your eyes off of anything.  

    Our neighborhood is peaceful suburban and quiet.  The police even told us once when responding with Med Act a few doors down that they never get any calls from our neighborhood.

    But the lawnmower is gone and my wife wants some cameras up.  Thanks for your posting here it let me look at some of the options.  Chris


  15. Hello again Darrin,  Thank you for this review of the Ring Security Systems DIY.  I must say I like the Ring Security kits and probably will select the customized kit as I have a 5 bedroom house with 4 doors in the back that goes out to the backyard and will need security in that part of the house. I definitely will make time and read more about the customized kit of Ring Security Systems.  I will check the prices and will go from there.  Your review of the Ring is helping me so far.  I will make a note of your website and when I am ready, will buy through your website.  Thank you.


    1. Thanks Evelyn! You will be happy with your Ring system, I’m certain. Let me know what you think once you get it all in place.

  16. We all need to feel safe at home and also feel our property is safe even when we are away. Thanks for helping us choose a simple security system to protect our homes at the price that we can pay. I liked it when you showed and explained how easy it is to set up the system. Another thing that overwhelmed was how lowcost it is!

    1. Thanks for your comments. You are right, people are always at how easy set-up is and how affordable systems are today. 

  17. thanks for putting up such an awesome review on ring Security System, I must say that technology has indeed made life much more easier and secured to us, with these security system our safety is guaranteed to certain level..I’m so happy to stumble upon this article on the ring security system and its to find kits I look forward to place my first order for home accessories like solar inverters, batteries, cameras, and other video accessories needed for my business. I’ve long ago needed these accessories and I’m much excited that I stumbled at your review….
    thanks for sharing such an intriguing review on your blog and I look forward to further sharing it in my blog

  18. very informative articles. I have family and friends that have “ring security” systems. they love to rave about how amazing the system is. My only concern is that isn’t this, another form of people being disconnected from reality? Another way of humans being distracted and not in the present moment to enjoy what’s going on? The system alerts you even when certain cars drive by. it’s important to protect our homes, but to me it can make people be overly paranoid. 

    1. Hi Nicole! Excellent question. I couldn’t agree more that we have a lot of distractions these days with gadgets and technology. To alleviate unnecessary distractions with the Ring Doorbell, the sensitivity of the camera and motion detector can be set within the Ring App. Adjusting the setting to where it only registers when a human being is within close proximity to the door would solve the problem of cars setting the thing off. That would definitely be frustrating. 

      Thanks so much for your input and questions. Feel free to drop us a line on here anytime with questions or comments regarding home security and smart home products. 

  19. Hi! Very informative article, and I’ve learned more about the ring security system. It is indeed smart technology… I must confess I’m really amazed with its features and how it works… With a system like this no doubt robbery cases would be reduced and our families and belongings would be much safer. Just being able detect when someone is approaching your apartment is a comfort for me and a deterrent for any bad actors. Thanks for the info! I will check out the Ring products for sure. 

    1. Thanks for your comments! Feel free to give us an update on here once you get your Ring system so we will know how you are liking it. 

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