The Best Driveway Alarm – Guardline!

The Guardline Security Driveway Alarm is probably the best driveway alarm available. You may be wondering what exactly is a driveway alarm. It’s actually a sensor that detects motion and heat with the use of Passive Infrared Technology which ensures there will not be false readings from dead leaves or other organic materials. Their sensors have a reach of up to 1/4 mile! Of course, driveway alarms are somewhat notorious for occasional false alerts, but Guardline has honed in on features and designs that have all but eradicated this problem. Guardline has engineered their product(s) with adjustable settings that provide a homeowner or landowner with the ability to adjust the sensors to their particular situation and location. Their sensors are top-of-the-line products that have been designed and perfected for almost 20 years.

Guardline is an American company that has been dedicated to testing and refining property line sensors (and they are not just for property lines btw; we’ll get to that in a bit), and the constant rave reviews by customers should set a homeowner at ease.  Because of this focus for nearly two decades, they have developed a product to detect motion anywhere on your property with accuracy and dependability, exceeding the performance of their competition. And their industry-leading 2-year warranty points to their confidence in their product and in that fact that you’ll be completely satisfied. This is why Guardline is considered the best driveway alarm.

Easy Installation and World-Class Customer Service

Guardline’s systems are completely DIY because they are extremely simple to install. However, that doesn’t mean they leave you after the sale to figure it all out on your own. Their customer support has a wonderful reputation within the security industry for helping customers all along the way, before AND after the sale. So, you aren’t left alone to figure everything out on your own after the sale. With a commitment to stand with you every step of the way, you won’t have to talk to a bunch of recorders and go through 40 menus to get a real person. In addition to this phone-based support, they also offer live chat support and video tutorials that are easy to follow.

The Best Driveway AlarmAlthough the original intent of their products was to secure the perimeter of a property line or the entrance to a driveway, the affordability and functionality of their sensors has led to their use in patios, garages, porches, and just about anywhere on your property where you’d want to be alerted when someone crossed the invisible line.

A Little Bit About Their Products

Here’s where it starts getting even better. There is no need for WiFi, no contracts to worry about, no monthly fees, no concerns about anyone hacking into these products, and the motion detector/alarm is completely wireless. The sensors come with a receiver that will accommodate up to 16 sensors each. When an automobile, a person, or even a large animal crosses within 40 feet of where you have positioned a sensor, a signal is sent to the receiver that can be placed wherever is convenient for you. There are over 30 notification sounds that you can choose from, and if you have multiple motion detectors, you can apply a different notification sound to each sensor. These receivers are very compact and can be carried around with you if you’d like, or you can purchase extra receivers to place in convenient places around your home, garage, barn, etc… But most people seem to be content with one.

There are only two different systems from Guardline, which is all that’s needed. One product will transmit up to 500 feet from the sensor to the receiver, and the other, up to a quarter of a mile. That’s pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Those with smaller yards or who use the sensors on a porch or somewhere closer to the house, typically purchase the one with a 500-foot transmission to the receiver. So, here are the two products:

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Best Driveway Alarm

The original Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm with the transmitter sells for around $100.00, and it transmits up to 500 feet from the sensor/motion detector to the receiver(s). All of these sensors have been tested and proven in real-world situations to make sure they work as stated in the advertisements. And all things being honest and fair, the wireless range could be diminished by thick walls, metal siding, extra tall hills, and thick tree growth. However, this isn’t common. These products are, obviously, weather-resistant since they are primarily for outdoors. However, more and more people are purchasing these units for garages, inside barns, and even for the inside of their homes. And remember, additional sensors can be purchased for around $60.00, and the receiver can handle up to 16 detectors.

Guardline 1/4 Mile Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Best Driveway AlarmThis product is primarily for those homeowners who have a larger yard or perhaps lots of acreage. Say for instance you have a long driveway, and you can’t see the entryway from the highway because of other buildings, or trees, or if the driveway curves, or any other number of reasons. If you want to know long before someone comes near your home or barn, such as a visitor or delivery person, or in rare instances, someone with nefarious intentions, consider this product. This package which includes the quarter-mile sensor and receiver is durable and weatherproof, just like the 500-foot range original model above. In fact, other than the range each will transmit and the color difference which distinguishes them from each other, they are virtually the same.

All things considered

The Guardline Security Driveway Alarm is the best driveway alarm all things considered, in my opinion. There are other products out there that are good, some with nice features, and there are others that sound good at first or that boast features that seem impressive, but customer reviews say it all. Guardline’s reputation with its client base is impeccable. In fact, a customer is considered a client, not just a customer. A client is someone with whom a business entity has established or hopes to establish a long-term relationship. Guardline is in this for the long haul and desires to build trust with all clients. That’s why they deliver what they promise and are available long after the sale to help you with installation or any other issues you may have. If you are in the market for this kind of product, or if you were not but are now interested, Guardline’s Driveway alarm systems are hard to beat and their warranties and excellent customer service definitely set them apart!

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  1. No doubt this Driveway Alarm is for big houses or houses with long driveway, Guardline the manufacturer,  has taken care of the customer by improving and improving the quality of the product to an even higher level. Quality, Quality, and Quality. Just imagine – Technology which ensures there will not be false readings from dead leaves or other organic materials. A good article.

  2. Thank you for your post. In the world right now, there is so much violence. Many of my friends feel that they are not safe anymore. Even though most of us have alarm systems for our homes, few have driveway alarms. Driveway alarms are a great idea! It’s one thing for a system to alert us with someone trying to enter our homes, but it’s another thing to alert us when someone pulls onto our property. Certainly this was designed for the larger landowner whose home is a little ways from the road, but I could use it at my place too! If someone pulls onto my short driveway, I’d love to know. 

    The biggest concern with this system would be the possible false alerts. but it seems that Guardline has overcome this concern and has eradicated this problem. Will this system work with a short driveway? Although Guardline has minimized the problem of false alarms, would it be more likely to cause problems within a neighborhood? Just curious. 

    I will be looking into this further. 

    Thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks for your comments and question. Yes, this system will work fine even on a short driveway like those in a basic subdivision. There would really be no difference. There could always be alerts that get annoying if your driveway is lucky enough to be the one that people frequently use to turn around LOL, but if you’re not in that situation, then no worries. 

  3. Hello,   

    I am sold.  You did a great job with your review because I am convinced there cannot be another driveway alarm system than Guardline. Most of the people in my neighborhood that have an outside security system only use a camera. There is no noise to scare anyone and that includes someone who is searching inside cars or a small animal who is just running across the driveway.  

    This system does appear to be for people who have a large home or who have large acreage around there home. If the reviews for the product are positive, I think we can be assured that the product is well worth the price.

    Thanks for the information regarding this product. You covered all the bases.

    1. Hi Sandy and thanks for your comments! I’m sure you will be pleased if you choose Guardline for your Driveway Alarm. If you don’t mind, check back here after having it, or whatever you may choose, for a couple of weeks and give us your opinion on the product.

      Best regards,


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