The Best Security Cameras for Home

Everyone’s asking me about home security cameras. In light of where we are today with the questions regarding Covid-19 and the many fears of the unknown as we enter uncharted waters, I keep being asked, “what are the best security cameras for home?” It seems a lot of you are interested in battery-powered security cameras, wireless security cameras, or both.

Be mindful that there are a number of features that vary from camera to camera. Some are wired and connect physically to a hub or monitoring station. Others are wireless in both the sense that they need no electrical wiring run to them to make them function, and they are connected to your in-house WiFi system. Some offer a backup in case of a power outage. Power outages aren’t that common in most areas, most of the time, so, this is usually a non-issue. But right now the out-of-the-ordinary things that are to potentially transpire are unknown. What if there are black-outs or brown-outs due to this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic? It may be more than just a possibility. Since our homes are suddenly vulnerable during these outages due to the fact that most of the affordable security camera systems aren’t set up to operate without power, consumers are frantically searching for that security camera that is not only battery-powered, but that has the ability to continue recording even when the WiFi (power) is out.

Below you will find what seems to be a few trending products that meet the needs and demands currently being realized within the home security systems industry. Hotly sought at the moment: cameras that are battery powered, have continual disc recording for up to two weeks, good quality picture (ppi) and an affordable price. Now, hang tight as we look at the best security cameras for home.

Arlo Pro 3Arlo Pro 3 – Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System | 2K with HDR, Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, Spotlight, 160° View, 2-Way Audio, Siren | Works with Alexa | (VMS4240P)

This is my personal favorite! All things considered, the Arlo Pro 3 has it going on. The Arlo Pro 2, the predecessor to this camera, was great, but the Arlo Pro 3 boasts many improvements and upgrades. The higher quality 2K image resolution provides a clear picture even in very dark or bright areas. The night vision feature offers infrared or full-color video, and the field of view is 160 degrees! With an integrated spotlight, two-way audio that incorporates noise cancellation (to provide superb sound clarity), and a siren, Arlo is proving to be serious about engineering home security products, using the best technology available.

This is a true indoor/outdoor, wire-free camera that is easy to install. In fact, installation is as simple as mounting a strong magnetic plate anywhere you want to which the camera connects (magnetically, of course). This makes the Arlo Pro 3 a great camera to place in areas that need surveillance, but where wiring would be an issue. And the magnetic charging system with this product offers a 6-month battery life between charges. And for recording purposes, this camera has a USB 2.0 port which potentially allows saving up to 2TB of video on your device. Some may prefer the simplicity of a MicroSD slot, but the USB port is another option for those who may want to keep an eye on things when the power is out.

The one drawback that I see to this camera is the fact that the Arlo Pro 3 would need to be purchased with the SmartHub, and two cameras would be the minimum to run the system. This product is currently sold online with 2 cameras and the required SmartHub for under $500.00, which is a great price for a product of this quality. And you can purchase single, additional cameras without having to purchase additional hubs. The current international stay-at-home situation could be having an effect on the pricing and availability of home security equipment as well as so many other things. So, don’t be surprised if certain highly rated products like this camera is out of stock.

Overall, this is a great camera! I’d buy this system for my home. The specs are really great!

Ring Stick-up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

At only $100.00, this camera is hard to pass up for those on a tight budget (and I think we all are at the moment). This is Amazon’s new version of the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. It’s called this because they have another version that runs on solar instead of a battery. It’s worth checking out as well.

This is an indoor/outdoor camera that will record great inside, but it excels when recording outside. It can be mounted in a variety of places and has a 130-degree field of view. The video resolution is 1080p and it has a decent night vision feature. You can record video footage from almost anywhere with this product

The Ring app makes it possible to view live video on your mobile device or save the video. With the app, you can also check the life of the battery or adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors. With the Ring app, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, see where the battery life is at any moment, save video or view it live.

Recently, Ring received criticism for what appeared to be a security breach as nefarious actors hacked into certain individuals’ Ring cameras. Of course, this is possible when dealing with gear that uses WiFi or the Internet. We don’t know if other companies have faced the same thing since not all such activity is either detected or reported. But as a result of the publicity this breach received, Ring, as well as every other reputable manufacturer of home security products, has taken more serious steps to prevent hackers from succeeding in their efforts.

This camera also communicates with Alexa. You can activate features simply by communicating with Alexa. This is an awesome choice for anyone, especially if a strict budget is limiting you.

Surfshark 2-Year Plan

Blink XT2

Blink XT2

Like the Ring Stick-Up Cam, the Blink XT2 is only around $100! It has an amazing two-year battery life using two AA Lithium batteries and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

This camera is also wireless. It runs on the batteries previously mentioned and syncs with your WiFi to make it easy to place anywhere. And the installation is simple. Pull this puppy out the box, turn it on, sync it with your mobile device and you’re rolling! Two minutes later and this camera will be in the place of your choosing, protecting what you love.

The Blink XT2 home security camera will stream high-quality 1080p video, and it has a built-in motion detector that will start recording a clip of the event immediately and will simultaneously send you an alert. You also have the option of customizing your own motion zones. Cloud storage is also free with this camera, there are no contracts or monthly fees. You may only want one camera, or maybe you want more. With the Blink XT2, you can have up to 10 cameras with one Blink Sync Module. You can even purchase a 3-camera package for a better deal overall. Check it out here: Blink XT2 Three-Pack with module.

Ring Spotlight CamRing Security Cameras #8X81X7-WEN0

I don’t normally “save the best for last”, and in this case, I wasn’t planning to, but after piecing together all of my ideas on this product compared to the others, perhaps this is my favorite! And it comes in either black or white.

This is a motion-activated home security camera with LED spotlights. You can even adjust the motion sensors to get the ideal setting for your family or situation. When anyone sets off your motion sensors, you get an alert on your mobile devices, laptop, or computer. Once you see the alert that is sent immediately, you can immediately respond via an audio mic and speaker system. It allows you to ward off intruders or acknowledge those that are rightfully there. Either way, it becomes obvious to anyone approaching your home that they cannot approach unnoticed.

This package comes with a 110-decibel siren that you can activate whenever you suspect questionable activities around your home, or if you see someone attempting to violate you and your family. This is an indoor/outdoor camera and it is available as a hardwired device or a completely wireless battery-operated camera. The best security cameras for home offer options that meet the needs of most Americans at this time. This camera will blaze a spotlight on the area where potential intruders or anyone with nefarious intentions may be lurking on your property.

The field of view for this baby is 140 degrees which is a little above average. The camera comes in black or white, depending on your fashion preferences, and the features we haven’t covered here are extensive. This is a great product.

I would say this one should be first, but they are all simply different, and I hope this post has helped you decide, as far as the best security cameras for home, which option is best for you. But do stay tuned! I have some other products you may not be aware of, that you will probably like.

Four Great Security Cameras for Home

Hopefully, you’ve gleaned something from this post. Not every product works for every home. Here I’ve attempted to list the best quality products based on the questions I’m being asked continually at the moment. Of course, the interests of the consumers that contact me vary from season to season and national or local event to national or local event. But right now, people are thinking deeper and about things that would normally be considered extreme. Right now, there is nothing that would seem extreme. We don’t know if the power will go out for conservation purposes, or if we will be able to keep out intruders as the level rises during this time of uncertainty. Let’s be prepared! If you are able, reinforce your family’s security with a system that will offer the best solutions for your unique situation. Your family is worth it!!

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