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When you’re looking to see which top-rated VPN service providers are the best VPN for home purposes, you’ll find that there is a good amount of decent services out there. However, you’ll also find that some don’t necessarily provide exactly what they promote. 

Unless a company has established itself recently, top-rated VPN service providers should have a broad following of happy users. When conducting your due diligence into any given company (be it a VPN service or not), and you’re finding more complaints than praise in reviews, move on. 

How to Find Out What VPN is Best

VPN For Phone and Home


Fishing through Negative VPN Reviews

I want to go over this a little before jumping into selecting which VPN is best, particularly for home purposes. When you’re rifling through reviews, try to rule out the possibilities of operator error or technological limitations. If someone has a lousy or inconsistent internet connection, they’re more likely to run into issues. 

Some people that give bitter reviews are doing so without having properly diagnosed why something didn’t work the way it should. Also, not everyone is level headed when they run into problems or something they don’t understand.  Sometimes folks become quick to take it out on services through negative reviews (I’ve seen it happen several times).

All that being said, there are legitimate reasons why people leave negative reviews. As far as VPNs go, complaints can range from software issues, poor customer service, inconsistent behaviors, etc. Try to be as discerning as possible to try and determine where true fault rests. 

Fishing Through Positive VPN Reviews

Positive reviews found on a VPN companies’ website can also be a little suspect. It takes some practice, but eventually, you’ll be able to see the difference between an employee giving a fluff review to make their product look better, versus a genuine customer review. 

Finding Out Who’s a Reputable VPN Provider

All of the above was taken into consideration as far as determining customer satisfaction goes. For some of these companies, more digging was necessary to get some customer reviews, and others had it available on their website. 

When you get down to it, customer satisfaction relating to what a given company has to offer reveals whether or not they’re fulfilling what they claim to fulfill. We wouldn’t want to be found pointing people into a direction that would be neither helpful nor true.

VPN Features

Features are a factor as it relates to determining which would be best.

The Best VPN for Home

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VPN services cover a broad range of different areas because there are untold numbers of people bouncing around from place to place, using their mobile devices. You may be one of them. 

That said, there are plenty of homebodies out there. Even for people who are on the go, the first place of importance for online security is at home. For the purposes of this article, home services are going to trump all other services.

List of Top-Rated VPN Service Providers

Here is the crème of the crop in the world of VPN service providers. We’ve got other articles on this site that talk about some of the following companies. But they weren’t looked into for the sole purpose of keeping our privacy safe and secure at home only.


1 Month Price- $12.99 US

  • Over 6400 Servers in 90 Countries
  • Hide your IP- You can hide your IP address with just one click if you choose to do so. 
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection
  • 256-bit AES Encryption- You’ll be protected by military-grade protection at all times.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Traffic
  • No-Logs Policy- No activity is tracked, and servers keep no records.
  • 7 Device connectivity- You can operate up to seven devices simultaneously.
  • 24/7 Customer Support- Live chat or email.
  • Servers Optimized for Torrent Sharing
  • Throttle Removal- The encryption tunnel removes opportunities for speed throttling by ISP’s. 
  • Access to Restricted Content- Bypass geo-restricted materials or other blocked media.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Protection


Founded in 2011, CyberGhost is a Romanian company, which claims to have over 6,400 servers in their arsenal. These servers are spread out through 90 countries in over 111 different locations.

As far as VPN’s go, CyberGhost lands itself on the expensive side. Though it does offer a good, safe service, you’re paying for a lot more than what it takes to be safe at home. They offer features that will keep your information safe wherever you go. However, some people may find that the option to access restricted content may be worth the extra cost. 


1 Month Price- $5.99 US (Also, check out their 3-month and 12-month plans)

  • Servers in 7 Different Countries
  • Ticketed Support System
  • No App is required to use this service.
  • IP Address Replacement- Changes your IP to avoid tracking to your original IP Address.
  • 2048-bit Encryption- This protects all traffic that flows to and from your computer or other devices. 
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection
  • Hidden24 can be used to avoid internet censorship and work around blocked traffic.
  • High-Speed Connection
  • No-Log System- Though they’re based in a country that can ask for records, none of your information is ever saved. In other words, there’s nothing to show.
  • Unlimited Surfing- There is no cap on surfing the web, and no cap on devices.

Hidden24 VPN is a Swedish company and has been in business since 2006. The services rendered by Hidden24 VPN has a mixed bag of reviews. Some say that it doesn’t do enough, is difficult to install, and some claim that it doesn’t do what it boasts of doing.  

Something else that some might not know right away is that they only take credit or debit card payments— no PayPal or Bitcoin exchanges. In the world of anonymity, this can pose to be a problem for some. Also, they do not have any apps to use and simplify the user experience. 

You really need to get through a learning curve (which they offer to give) to use their system properly. Is this a bad VPN? No, I don’t believe so. But it isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. 

All that being said, they’ve been around for quite some time, they’ve proven to maintain their servers, and provide continuous and reliable use.


1 Month Price- $11.95 US

There is also considerable savings with their 1-, 2-, or 3-year plans!!

  • 5454 Servers throughout 59 Countries
  • No-logs Policy- The policy means that nothing you do is ever saved, collected, shared, or recorded.
  • Uninterrupted Streaming
  • Next-generation encryption- All your internet data is safe behind a wall of security, including for mobile.
  • No Bandwidth Limitations 
  • Bandwidth Throttling Bypass
  • One Account Protects up to 6 Devices
  • Personal IP Protection
  • IP Masking
  • P2P Servers
  • Double VPN Encryption- Hides your activity behind two servers instead of one. 
  • CyberSec- Blocks dangerous websites, malware, and blocks ads. (Can be toggled on or off.)
  • Browser Extensions- Can be applied to your favorite browsers.
  • DNS Leak Checker- Prevents openings for your traffic to wind up being intercepted by a third party.
  • 24/7 Help and Support


NordVPN was established in 2012 and is based out of Panama. They enjoy the distinction of being one of the largest and most widely used VPNs out there. It’s also worth mentioning that NordVPN wound up earning our spot as the #1 Best VPN Buy of 2020.

But that was an overall ranking that was wide open— not specifically geared toward the home. Though the price is substantially higher than some others in this group, covering six devices under one account might be just right for some, not necessarily for others. I can see families benefitting from NordVPN better than single people. 


1 Month Price- $11.95 US

24-month plan is only $1.99/mo US (This deal will not last forever!)

  • Over 1,700 Servers in over 63 Countries
  • Unlimited Device Support
  • 24/7 Help and Support Services
  • CleanWeb- This is an ad blocker that eliminates phishing and malware.
  • Whitelister- A VPN bypass system for whitelisted sites.
  • No-Logs Policy- This means there’s no monitoring or recording of your activity in any way.
  • Kill Switch- Kill Switch cuts off your internet connection if your VPN connection is interrupted.
  • Camouflage Mode- Your use of a VPN remains a mystery to your ISP. 
  • MultiHop- This allows you to connect to two different VPN servers simultaneously.
  • Private DNS & Leak Protection
  • NoBorders Mode- Allows access to restricted areas. 
  • Hides your IP
  • AES-256 – VPN Encryption (Which is used by the US Government.)

Surfshark 2-Year Plan

Based in the British Virgin Isles, Surfshark was established in 2018. It’s relatively new but has made quite a splash on the VPN scene. Their software and services are loaded with overlapping security features that make this VPN just as safe as the larger time-tested VPN’s.

One of the great features provided by Surfshark is that you can cover as many devices as you’d like. Using a similar approach as we did with NordVPN, Surfshark may be better for family at-home coverage rather than for singles.

Here you will find out in-depth review, Surfshark VPN Download – The Best Value!


1 Month Price- $10.95 US  Right Now $0.99 US  7-day trial, then only $6.49/Mo. (40% Discount – Click the banner below!)

  • 2,000 Servers in over 140 Countries
  • High-Speed VPN Servers
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth Access- No limitations on your media usage.
  • Automatic VPN Kill Switch (Network Lock)- If your VPN service goes down, your internet connection is severed. 
  • Split Tunneling- Provides more convenience while managing your online activities.
  • 24/7 Help and Support Service
  • Up to 10 Multi Logins- Protects up to 10 devices under one account. 
  • Secure Wi-Fi- Places security protocols to protect your home Wi-Fi services. 
  • Based in Hong Kong, and not required to store any of your data.
  • Port Forwarding- Access your service or devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Dedicated IP

Best VPN

Established in 2006, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong. Though the tumultuous happenings of late might make people feel that communist China might be able to get their hands on your data, the strict no-logs policy upheld by PureVPN ensures that there’s no information to grab. 

To date, Pure VPN is considered by many of its users to be the safest VPN they’ve ever used, despite the political challenges going on. But not everyone finds it as easy to use as others, and some find them difficult to correspond with should the need arise. 

Up to 10 multiple devices at once with unrestricted bandwidth, PureVPN is a strong choice for the home. 

Ivacy VPN

1 Month Price- $9.95 US

  • Over 2,000 Servers in over 100 Countries
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • Public Wi-Fi Security
  • No-Logs Policy
  • ISP Throttling Bypass
  • Geo Restriction Bypass
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Dedicated IP- This lets you whitelist IP addresses as an extra layer of security.
  • Split Tunneling- This feature grants access to local and foreign content at the same time.
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Secure DNS- Prevents DNS leaks.
  • Multiple Protocols- This allows you to create a military-grade level of protection over your network connection.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Up to 5 devices can be logged in simultaneously.
  • Secure Downloading- Ivacy scans and removes threats from downloads in real-time. 

728 x 90

Established in 2007, Ivacy VPN is based out of Singapore. They pride themselves in their “easy to use” technology and were the first to create and utilize the “Split Tunneling” feature back in 2010.

Through Ivacy, you can protect up to five devices simultaneously with unlimited bandwidth. This service offers some great features at competitive pricing. But there are complaints about the return policy being shady and some customer service horror stories. 

As far as the complaints go, there were very few about the actual VPN software or features itself.  So, this is a decent product if you don’t intend to try and get your money back, or as long as you don’t have any issues that require dealing with another human to resolve. All said, there have been many satisfied customers that use Ivacy VPN that haven’t had any issues at all. 


1 Month Price- $12.95 US

  • Over 700 Servers spread out in over 70 locations around the world.
  • Supports up to Five Devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • IP Address Protection
  • Chameleon- With this feature, you gain access to regionally restricted or censored content.
  • High-Speed Streaming through Updated Servers- All VyprVPN servers are owned by VyprVPN and updated accordingly.
  • VyprDNS- This protects you from any DNS leaks or breaches that might occur.
  • VyprVPN Cloud- This opens your own dedicated business VPN server.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection
  • Kill Switch- Blocks all traffic from your internet or network if your VPN connection becomes compromised.
  • No-Log Policy- VyprVPN will not log any of your activities. 

Golden Frog, the parent company of VyprVPN, is based out of Germany. Though VyprVPN isn’t as large of a presence as other VPNs, its services and features all bear few complaints, and those who use it claim that it works as advertised.

The only drawback people tend to focus on is some of the servers tend to be slow in some countries, such as the US and UK. One account can support up to five devices at once and provides unlimited bandwidth. 

Though anyone can use all of the features provided by VyprVPN with little or no issue, some features are geared more toward businesses rather than home. Such a feature I’m talking about would be the cloud feature. It’s a great feature, but is this something that you’d want to be paying the extra money for when thinking of home service? Maybe, maybe not. 


1 Month Price- $12.95 US

  • Over 3,000 Servers in over 94 Countries
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • IP Address Masking- Change your IP address through their VPN servers.  
  • VPN Split Tunneling- This lets you allow specific traffic through the VPN and other traffic routed directly.
  • TrustedServer Technology- This ensures that all data is wiped with every reboot, no information is written to their hard drive, and their software is reinstalled with every start-up. 
  • Network Lock- This is a kill switch that blocks any more traffic from getting through if there’s an interruption to your VPN connection. 
  • Zero-Knowledge DNS- They own and operate their DNS on every server. No third parties and no logs kept.
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Public Wi-Fi Security

ExpressVPN Best-In-Class Security

Based out of the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has been in business since 2009. Overall, customers appear to be very satisfied with the features, customer service, and the world-wide coverage that ExpressVPN provides. 

Though this is reckoned a wonderful provider for people who travel all over the world, ExpressVPN isn’t a bad choice for the home either. I say this because they offer unlimited devices covered under a single account. This, coupled with unlimited bandwidth, makes ExpressVPN a contender for the homebodies with families.  


1 Month Price- $10.00 US

  • 31 Servers in 31 Locations
  • Ad Blocker
  • Anti-Malware Software
  • Smart Tunneling- Automatically routes select traffic 
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • AES 256-Bit Encryption
  • Internet Kill Switch- If y0ur secure connection to the VPN is compromised at all, the kill switch will cut the internet connection before any data is stolen. 
  • Multiple Protocols- OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, OpenConnect, L2TP, and more
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Smart Connect- Connects with the best server available instantly
  • NAT Firewall- Blocks unsolicited incoming traffic
  • Unix-based P2P Optimized Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Prevent ISP Throttling
  • 24/7 Support

83% discount on VPN

Established in 2017, FastestVPN is currently based in the Cayman Islands. Though they are a newer company to have entered the VPN arena, FastestVPN is already turning heads when it comes to P2P download speeds. 

They do offer a robust list of features and security protocols, and all these appear to work as advertised. However, there are complaints about getting around geo-walls, and their services not living up to the expectations of others concerning that feature. 

But if breaking established geofences aren’t your thing, you might not care about those complaints. As far as a product that is good for the home, it’s safe, secure, and gives you ten simultaneous connections without any bandwidth restrictions. 


1 Month Price- $4.70 US

  • Covers 2 Devices
  • 1,019 Servers in 51 Countries
  • High Speed (Denotes a lesser drag to your internet connection and responsiveness)
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • No Ads
  • P2P Filesharing
  • BitTorrent Support
  • Secure Core Architecture- Defends against network-based attacks
  • High-Strength Encryption- Encrypted with AES-256 encryption. 
  • 4096-bit RSA Encrypted Key Exchange- Secure handshake between your devices and ProtonVPN
  • HMAC with SHA384 Message Authentication- Ensures protection of your messages between your devices and ProtonVPN
  • Two Factor Authentication- An added layer of security Making sure that you and nobody else has access to your account information.

ProtonVPN is a product that was created by Proton Technologies AG, shortly after having established ProtonMail back in 2014. They are based out of Geneva, Switzerland, and currently maintain 1,019 servers spread across 51 countries. 

ProtonVPN is popular as a free program and free service with options to upgrade. The pricing above is for the basic program, that extends device coverage from 1 to two. Considering that the purposes of this article are to determine which is best for the home, I figured two devices covered are more practical than one. 

But is that practical for home service for a family? Not so much. Perhaps better for someone who lives alone, and only requires security on a device or two. 

To learn more about ProtonVPN, check out our review titled, Is Proton VPN Safe?


1 Month Price- $9.99 US

  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • GhostBear- Makes encrypted VPN data less detectable to governments, businesses, and ISPs
  • Serves up to Five Devices Simultaneously
  • 1,800 Servers in 23 Countries
  • Strict No-Log Policy
  • Vigilant Mode- TunnelBear will block all unsafe traffic if your connection gets interrupted
  • Closest Tunnel- This feature is for speed purposes, and selects the server closest to your location if you prefer
  • App Operated System
  • Customer Support

TunnelBear is based out of Canada and is owned by McAfee. This company is most famous for security software, and just about anyone who’s owned a PC has heard of them or even used their products.  

Out of the bunch, this might be among the easiest to use. All that is required is an app download, and you’re ready to start figuring things out. All of the security features are strong, and their strict no-log policy ensures that data can’t be retrieved if anyone came knocking.

However, their range of different countries to choose from is more limited than others, and perhaps for some, this may be a turn-off. But overall, TunnelBear has grown to be a dependable, affordable, and easy to use VPN for top-notch security.


Throughout the article, you may notice that there are two broad groups of people that are being considered in addition to which VPN would be best for home. One group would be single people, and the other would be families. 

I believe this distinction needs to be made because more devices are more likely going to need coverage at once for a family than there would be for someone single. The needs increase dramatically if the kids are old enough to have a personal collection of devices.  

Best VPN for Single People

After looking at all of them, the best VPN for the money for a single person would be ProtonVPN. They offer the most for the least and are a solid system. And if you find that you need more devices connected than two, you can upgrade to a plus package, that will run you $9.39 per month, but will open up five devices and other features.

Best VPN for Families

For a family, the best choice for the home only purposes would be Surfshark. With all of the features that they offer, it is a good buy. Also, you have access to unlimited device coverage simultaneously, as well as unlimited speed, bandwidth, or data usage. 

At $11.95 per month, it certainly isn’t the cheapest choice, but it’s not the most expensive either. You can receive great discounts if you choose a yearly plan. But at this price, you receive unrestricted everything, which isn’t such a bad trade. 

So, there you have it. If you’re single without a ton of devices that need protection, ProtonVPN appears to be the best deal for you. If you’re looking to cover your family at home, Surfshark will serve your needs well. 

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  1. I have some restrictions to see especially movies and series. I’ve been using HIDDEN24 VPN for a while and it’s working for me very well. Sure, I don’t use it to work in incognito mode or require an IP change and all that techy stuff;)

    But I can access news portals, and software in the cloud where it suits me to be in the USA. It really works very well. It is true what it says, that you cannot use PayPal. It is something that many people have already complained about.

    Now that you’ve refreshed my memory on the topic of VPNs, I’m going to check out some of the samples to learn more.

    Thank you very much for the contribution

    1. Thanks, Jason! Yes, there are many choices when it comes to VPNs and the needs or wishes of the person will dictate which VPN is best for them. We simply hope to make that decision-making process easier by laying out the features for each product. 

      I hope you find it useful. 🙂 I appreciate your comments!


  2. VPNs are difficult to navigate online when researching because there are so many, and they all cover a different niche, seems like. Some people want anonymity only, some only want to be able to watch the programming they can’t watch without certain VPN features, others want it for streaming and other features. The list of particulars with each VPN provider is mind-spinning. Haha! But I like the simple way you have laid them out. I’m not sure if I will get one of these on your list, but I’m thinking that I will. Is ExpressVPN the best VPN all around? I’ve heard that, but not sure. The best VPN deal seems to be Surfshark. But I’m still thinking it over. I like the pricing with Surfshark, and they seem to be highly rated. 

    Thanks for the information! I’ll be back soon!

    1. Thanks for your comments and questions. I agree that the list of VPN services is growing and the variables can scare away even the most informed researchers. Yes, ExpressVPN does seem to have a reputation as the best VPN service, all things considered. Well, they have had, but there are strong contenders for that spot as other VPN providers have come to the table with better pricing, similar or sometimes better options. And there is the family-friendly VPN market that certain providers are catering to. Surfshark is definitely one to not overlook. They are making a splash and appear to be wanting to lead the way in all respects within the market. Pure VPN is another one wanting to dig deep roots. Check them all out. 

      Once you choose a VPN service, come back and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. 

      Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for a well written article!

    You have given thorough details about each VPN, which gives Readers / potential customers the ability to make informed choices. 

    It’s incredible to see how many countries, scattered throughout the world, produced the VPNs!

    The information can however be a little overwhelming for some Readers, making them unsure after selecting, as to whether they have made the right choice. You have done is a favour by making an informed pick, both for individual customers, and for families. We can then reconcile our own selections with your recommendation.


    1. Thanks for your comments Teboho! The choices can be overwhelming at times, for sure. So, we try to lay it out for readers to follow logically. 

      Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂 


  4. I’ve definitely had concerns about privacy online. I’ve used a VPN but my internet service provider said they have built in security against attacks. What do you think about that? However, I see TunnelBear has a cool feature to allow you to connect to the nearest server, which is pretty attractive. I think that is how I will go after I look at pricing and so on. Thanks for this great resource to help know the best VPN’s. 

    1. Most ISPs have taken security measures and have instruments in place or they would probably do poorly as a contender for people’s business in our security-conscious world. But I don’t know of any that offer the same type of anonymity that a good VPN provides. IN fact, most people get hacked right inside their homes using those ISPs. The level of security needed to give one a little more peace of mind isn’t provided by the ISP. In fact, part of the reasoning for using a VPN is to not even allow your ISP to know your activity. 

      Thanks for your comments and questions. Feel free to drop by and update us with any further info you may have. 


  5. In this online world right now where privacy should be prioritised ahead of anything else due to the level at which information’s are being sold out. So, I actually value what you have shared here and I can say that I value this a lot. Though I actually make use of cyberghost and also sometimes nordvpn. They both offer great services and I love the privacy and anonimity it avails me

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! Let me know your thoughts on CyberGhost and Nord. They are both well-liked options. HIt us back when you can. 🙂


  6. VPNs are very important these days. People are getting wise to the methods being employed by nefarious hackers as there is an all-out assault on the worldwide cyber community. That assault is, like everything else, fueled by the little green rectangles that we work hard for (of course, those rectangles are loaded with Illuminati symbology and hints of a New World Order, whoo, but hey, it’s my Illuminati symbol-laden currency that I worked for that I don’t want hackers stealing).

    I hope that people realize that the simplicity of your site allows users to get the condensed layman version of the facts regarding these VPNs instead of the tons of unnecessary info one must drudge through when looking at VPN reviews that get too technical. They are obviously trying to look informed and intelligent, and they probably really are! But I’ve read them ALL and it is tiring. There is no way that the average VPN shopper understands all of the technical details. I’m a tech geek and they lose me! 

    I fufrther hope that people see that they can trust the condensed version of items here at as you have done all of the legwork with a simple explanation that is in line with all of the other fact-based review sites, without the confusion. 

    Thanks for this information and for your simplicity. I will be reading it all again. I know you have other posts on VPNs and the benefits of each product. I will read those too and may be back with more to say. 🙂   

  7. Hi there Darrin, thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful article. It’s really great knowing there are ranges of companies that offer VPN services with different packages. I really appreciate you giving a detailed and in-depth review on each and every one of them. I think it’s great being able to find the perfect VPN service that will provide your needs

  8. I have been researching a lot about ProtonVPN. recently. And I have finally made up my mind reading your post. Yes, it seems to be the best option for somebody that’s single.

    I first came across ProtonVPN when I installed the Brave browser. They occasionally point out ProtonVPN and it made me aware of their products. Thanks for the information! I will let you know how I like it once I’ve used it a while.

    1. That’s great Paolo! Proton is a great VPN and a perfect choice for someone single as you pointed out. If you haven’t read our article, What is Encrypted Email?, it would pay for you and anyone else reading this post to check it out. It’s just one more way to add layers of security and privacy to our online existence. 

      Thanks for your comments, and you are definitely welcome to come back and give us and the readers your objective opinion of ProtonVPN.


  9. The information you’ve provided is helpful. In reading the Top Rated VPN Services post on your site, I realized that there were quite a few things I had not considered in evaluating what would be best for my needs. I basically use NordVPN. Its awesome, but I see there are different features with different VPNs. It pays to research articles like this one. 

    Thanks for the info! 

    1. No problem, and thanks for your comments! VPNs are important these days. Selecting the best or the most reliable VPN for home can be a chore. I hope we’ve simplified it for people to some degree. 

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  10. Hello Darrin! I also commented on another one of your articles/reviews on VPNs. I’m certainly learning a lot! I will still check out some of your other information to try and make a good decision. I’m really glad to have found an easy to read website where there are reviews of this stuff. So many that I read go into so much techno mumbo jumbo that I don’t understand. I just want honest reviews and opinions that are well-researched and easy to follow. That’s what I feel like I’ve found here. 

    Thanks for your articles and the help you give. 

    1. Awesome Justin! Thanks so much for your comments and for your kind words. We will continue to strive to provide readers with honest, informative, and hopefully easy to read reviews and articles. I’m pleased that you have had that experience here at

      Thanks for stopping by to give us your thoughts. 🙂

  11. This is a very comprehensive review of a VPN.  For the various descriptions of each that you offer, it would seem that a VPN offers more protection than some of the software that is offered against malware and spyware.  However, once signed on to a VPN, I imagine that threats could still do damage if opened. I am going to review the information you have given here and compare it more thoroughly. Thank you for writing and bringing the value of a VPN to my attention.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Certainly continue to compare products to best determine which one is right for you. Once you have chosen a VPN and have used it a little while, hit us back on here and let us know your thoughts.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  12. Hello there!

    That is quite a helpful review you have there. Sometimes it can be confusing and a little challenging to find the best and decent VPN service providers especially for a worker who works from home. However, this article has just made it easy by revealing a top-rated VPN service provider. Seems like Express VPN may be the top or at least one of the few competitors for the top VPN out there.


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