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Several factors are involved when answering, “What is a secure VPN?” and in this article, we’re going to talk about how NordVPN checks every box. Every VPN is a little different than others, and the levels of security vary. Still, there are a handful of different standards that most reach to be deemed “secure.”

Well, what is a secure VPN? Here are a couple of extremely basic things to look for to answer this question. First would be a high level of uncrackable encryption, and second would be a strict no-logs policy. These aren’t the end-all, but if you’re looking at VPNs and either one of these are missing- move on. 

If a VPN claims a no-logs policy, that’s great! But there are many kinds of logs kept by sophisticated systems. They may mean no logs of websites you visit, or no logs of how much data transfer you used, or perhaps no logs of timestamps associated with your browsing, or maybe no logs of incoming and outgoing IP addresses. The VPNs that keep zero logs are the ones you would want. They should keep none of that!

What Else A Should a VPN Do?

Aside from those two crucial features mentioned above, there are several different methods used to keep your data, systems, and devices safe. But also, many VPNs have included other features that cater to gamers, streamers, and torrent downloads. Why not go with a VPN that can do it all with the best speeds?

The world of VPN features is getting larger every year, as more companies step up their game to outdo others. Those that are wanting to be transparent with their promises utilize the services of independent auditors who publish reports after extensive reviews of the VPN company’s technical side and business practices, including physical files if any are maintained.

Nord VPN No-logs Policy

There’s no reason to trust a VPN that doesn’t submit to regular independent audits.

Despite the newcomers, there’s one VPN that continues to stand out of the crowd with all of these, and that’s NordVPN. Nord satisfies the two major pieces of criteria, and then some. Let’s have a look at NordVPN, the company, then the many features this service offers to its customers. 

About NordVPN

NordVPN first hit the scene in 2012 and has enjoyed servicing over 14 million customers worldwide throughout time. Their current base of operations is in Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. 

NordVPN isn’t just among the most successful VPNs out there but is among the largest that you’ll find. They maintain over 5400 servers stretching out around the world in 59 different countries. 

The variety of countries and the number of servers help to ensure that you can find a fast and reliable service when you need it where you’d like it to be. The number of options these create helps to ensure getting your hands on the fastest possible servers when you’re doing things like streaming or downloading. 

Features of NordVPN

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  • 5454 Servers in 59 Countries– As stated above, the quantity of servers helps you to find some to use that will be less cluttered and faster.
  • No-logs Policy– The policy means that nothing you do is ever saved, collected, shared, or recorded. A sound no-logs policy is a must-have feature that NordVPN is very open about in their “About US” section of their website. Upholding this policy and being transparent to customers is something that they know can either make or break their reputation.
  • Uninterrupted Streaming– Having a concealed IP address prevents your ISP from slowing down your connection in any way, which allows you to stream uninterrupted without any interference.
  • AES-256 Encryption– All your internet data is safe behind a wall of security, including for mobile. AES-256 encryption is the safest method of encryption to date. It is used by governments around the world to keep their sensitive information safe. A high level of encryption is another “must-have” feature that a VPN should have, and NordVPN uses the best that’s out there.
  • Bandwidth Throttling Bypass– Bandwidth throttling can happen for several reasons and results in repeated buffering and sudden speed drops. Some of the reasons that an ISP does this is are: to control data usage during prime time, to promote an “upgraded” service that runs faster, when an ISP becomes suspicious over too much data being shared via P2P, and bandwidth caps when you’ve exceeded the allotted limit.  Using NordVPN will keep your IP private and conceal your activities from your ISP, which will prevent any throttling protocols. 
  • One Account Protects up to 6 Devices– You can load NordVPN on to as many devices as you’d like, but can only use six simultaneously. But they allow you to make the most of this service. Your home router counts as one device, which means that every device using it will be protected. This trick opens everything up at the homestead, and after all, how often are you on the go with five different personal devices that would need protection?
  • Personal IP Protection– Using NordVPN ensures that your IP remains safe behind multiple walls of security and cyber-disguises.
  • IP Masking– When you use their service, you are hiding your location information and IP address through the VPN, using different IP addresses through different locations around the world.
  • P2P Servers– NordVPN provides special features that enable safer and faster P2P downloading. They maintain servers that are specially set up for P2P filesharing, ensuring a smooth experience. 
  • Double VPN– Hides your activity behind two servers instead of one- otherwise known as server chaining. The way this works is: your device and information are encrypted, and your traffic hits a NordVPN server. Then, from the first server, it bounces to a different server, then to the traffic’s destination.
  • CyberSec– Blocks dangerous websites, malware, and blocks ads. (Can be toggled on or off.) This feature is incorporated to help keep your systems safe from any malicious behavior from any sites that you wind up visiting.
  • Browser Extensions– Can be applied to your favorite browsers. This feature allows you to maintain a secure connection when visiting sites that haven’t upgraded to HTTPS, rather than the less secure HTTP.
  • DNS Leak Checker– Prevents openings for your traffic to wind up being intercepted by a third party. When you connect to NordVPN, all of your DNS queries runs directly through their privately owned DNS servers.
  • 24/7 Help and Support– One of the largest gripes of customers to any VPN service is a slow and distant customer service system. NordVPN’s customer service is active 24/7 and is available to answer any questions from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Device Security– All of the same features meant to protect all of your personal information is available to keep all of your personal information safe and secure on any mobile device through their app.

NordVPN Online Privacy and Speed

NordVPN Answers “What is a Good VPN?”

NordVPN is a well-established company with millions of users. Any business that doesn’t deliver what they say they deliver will never reach the heights that NordVPN has been able to reach, nor satisfy such a large customer base. 

Anywhere you go to search out a comparison review between several different VPNs, you can almost bet that NordVPN will be among those being held to the test. And you’ll also find that in most of these types of comparative reviews, they take the lead over their closest competition. 

For these reasons, and also due to the high levels of security and many additional features, it’s more than worth it to check them out and learn more about their service. To see current pricing and sales GO TO the NordVPN Website.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for your review of NordVPN! Good to know the VPN platform has been able to cover up to 59 countries of the world as well as maintain more than 5400 servers. I have never given NordVPN a try before but will do that once I’m done reading this review. It’s so amazing to know that this platform has millions of users from all walks of life and this is something that I consider while choosing a VPN platform to subscribe to. Thanks a lot for the enlightenment on the right VPN platform to use for personal security and safety online.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! And we are always open to hearing from those who use any products. So, be sure to let us know how you like any VPNs you have used or will try, like NordVPN.

      I’m glad you found this post helpful! 🙂

  2. Yeah, this is one of the best on the market if not THE best! I have read so many reviews and I have seen so many websites that recommend the Nord VPN because of their features and security. They are known to be reliable. It also helps to change IPs just in case some people want to access restricted websites too. I love NORD! I believe people also make use of this one to reach the dark web too. To each his own 🙂 

    1. Thanks again Suz! I read the other input you had on other posts of SecurityUnveiled.com and we responded. 

      Yes, NordVPN is a great option for almost anything. Although not the cheapest, it is hard to go wrong with this service. 

      Thanks for all of your interest and input.


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